Sunday, March 4, 2018

Further Progress and A Full Look

Here's the full pic of the sneak peek I showed last time.


 I'm making this 3D Felt Art Piece for my brother's birthday. Unfortunately I won't have a St. Patrick's Day Free project but should have an Easter/Spring one. So stay tuned!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Studio Pic Of The Week

I'm working on a birthday present for my brother.


Here's a peek for now, I'll add a little video explaining it soon.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

My 2017 Halloween Felt Ornament Set Is Now Avalaible!

 For the 2017 Halloween Season, I designed a set of 3 ornaments that are slightly different than last years' patterns but still coordinate with the 1st set. This set will be sold in a bundle of the 3 together.

The First Felt Halloween Ornament Is A Black Cat.

 I designed a scary Witch's Black Cat. Most of my ornament designs are usually faces, so it was a treat to do a whole body this time. We've had 3 black cats over the years so I consider this one a friendly cat.

The Second Felt Halloween Ornament Is A Felt Ghost.


This ghost is probably the easiest of all the Halloween ornaments to make. You can sew it like I did or just glue it together with felt glue.

The Third Felt Halloween Ornament Is A Witch's Hat.


I just love this witch's hat! Super easy to make and easy to add details too. Isn't the pumpkin so cute on the hat brim?

Here's All My Felt Halloween Ornaments Together.

I am so tickled at how cute all my Halloween Ornaments look all together! I already have new ideas for next year!

Here's a link to my etsy shop Halloween Bundle Set. And I'll make a sidebar link too.

I hope you enjoy all my Halloween Patterns and will like my Christmas ones as well.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Free Felt Jack 'O Lantern Pumpkin Ornament Pattern

Here's My FREE Felt Jack 'O Lantern Pumpkin Pattern. It can be made into an ornament, pin, hair clip and more!

The Jack 'O Lantern/ Pumpkin can go with my previous Halloween ornaments which, if you missed the pattern club last year are all now available in my etsy shop.


Here's How To Make This Jack 'O Lantern Pumpkin Felt Pattern.


First I printed out my pattern on Freezer Paper and then cut shapes out and ironed them onto the felt. I'm currently and massively in love with freezer paper right now. It's so handy!

I used freezer paper for the pumpkin shapes too. The best thing is you can peel the paper off and re-use it a few times. Perfect when making multiples of some shape.

 Cut out your face shapes, peel off the Freezer Paper and play around with placement. This is just an idea, have fun and combine the pieces anyway you like.

Trace with pencil the detail lines on the front and the back if you'd like. If you are not into needlework, just leave these off.

Back stitch the lines on using either a lighter or darker embroidery thread color than your felt so they show up nicely. 

 Then do the same on the back if you want. You can leave the back plain or embroider someone's name and year on it too. You can see I freehand drew the lines but the pattern has them and they can be traced with parchment paper.

I appliqued stitched the mouth first on most the pumpkins to get the spacing right but the order you do it in is up to you. The face pieces can also be glued on using felt glue if you prefer not to sew them.

After I have the face sewn on I place and applique stitch the stem.

When both stem for each side are sewn I whip stitch the stems together.

At this point you can add a ribbon to make this an ornament. Make sure you
insert the ribbon before sewing the stems together. 

This pattern can also be made as a pin or a hair clip, look at the free running bunny pattern and the free shamrock pattern to see how both of those are attached to the back..

You can sew around using a whip stitch or a blanket stitch and leave the ornament flat like the ones at the top of the page and you're done. I used the whip stitch for this project.

 I added a purple pumpkin in place of one of the orange ones because some people paint them to let parents know the treats are allergy free. I made 4 pumpkins for a reason so keep reading and find out why!

I've decided to make a garland out of my 4 pumpkins so I stuffed them lightly with some poly fill. And sewed the opening closed I'm using the whip stitch here.

3 different oranges and a purple all sewn and ready to assemble.

I took a felt ball and a button and ran a 6 strand piece of black embroidery thread through the purple pumpkin.

Next I added another felt ball and using a doll needle shown below threaded the next pumpkin and the next felt ball and next pumpkin and so on.

It was to difficult on my own to take photos of this process so I have a video showing the
final project. 

Enjoy this pattern and please share what you've made with me, I'd love to see! Questions or comments? Just let me know!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall is Coming...Which Means Halloween Is Almost Here!

Some of you may remember my Halloween Pattern club from last year, well I now have those same patterns for sale in my etsy shop. 

I'm also addressing some questions people have asked.

Do I Have Any New Felt Patterns Coming Soon?

I'm currently working on a FREE companion Halloween pattern. I'll have the FREE pattern available next week that compliments the 4 above.

Where have you been?

I became ill last year and it's affected my desire and patience for creating. I'm learning to live with a new me as the symptoms are only partially managed by medication. 

Are You Having A Pattern Club This Year? 

I'm not doing a Halloween Pattern Club because my mother fell and broke both her wrists, which needed surgery, cracked her face in 3 places and needed stitches above her eye where her glasses broke and cut her face. I have never seen so much blood in my life.

Anyway caring for my mom means just about zero time for me to design and make patterns. She's just starting to get around better so I was able to do a Halloween pattern that was supposed to go in this years Halloween Club.

Will There Be A Christmas Pattern Club This Year?

Right now I'm not sure. If so they will be very easy ones. I got some feedback that some ornaments were too hard. If I have time and energy I try my best to offer one.

Don't Forget The Halloween Garland I Designed Last Year Is Available This Year Too!


 The Instructions for this Printable and Pattern Can Be Found Here.




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