Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Character Garland Freebie PDF with Pompoms!!!

I made a super cute Halloween Garland with mini poms to hang over your dessert table, or porch, in your big bay window or wherever you what to display a little happy Halloween freebie decor.


First I enlarged the graphics I made from the Halloween Pattern Club.

I figured I might as well use them for another project too, right? Then I saw this cute video about making mini pom poms and thought these two things would go together in a cute way.

Supplies Needed:

  • A regular size dinner fork.
  • Yarn in various Halloween colors
  • Super sharp small scissors.
  • Yarn or embroidery thread to sew the garland together.
  • A needle.
  • Halloween characters and banner printables PDF
  • 80lb cover-stock, I used 90 but 80 is stiffer.

 First make all the mini poms you'll need. I used 4 colors and needed 13 for my garland.

The fork is to make the poms on. As shown below. Don't worry I linked to a good mini pom making video to help you out!

 You are supposed to trim them nice and round but I'm apparently not good at that. But hey a pom is a pom and they will work fine.

Here's the video I watched to learn to make these poms. I highly recommend watching this if you don't already know what you are me.

Secondly print out your Freebie Halloween Character Printable PDFs.

There are 4 pages with 2 Halloween characters each plus 4 banner images. Print these out on a good stiff card stock.


Then cut each piece out keeping as close to the black line as possible.

The third step is to punch 2 holes in all of the character pieces.


 After punching all the holes, thread your needle with the embroidery thread or yarn and get ready to start stringing.

 This is a quick video of the process of beginning to start stringing the garland.

This video shows all the Halloween paper characters and poms strung together as one long garland.

I made a very long garland using two Halloween characters each, plus the banners. You can do as many or as few as you like. Have fun and make something that will make you smile!

 I hope you enjoy these printables as much as I enjoy making them for you!!



Mary Ann said...

Thank you very much for the freebie:) My granddaughter will love putting this together.

sassypackrat said...

You are so welcome Mary Ann, enjoy!


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