Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally Finished My Lady Rabbit.

Well I think she needs a shawl but other than that she's done.She sat armless for way too long and it took me forever to design the bonnet. I haven't had the time to come up with a little story for her, like I did for the Male Rabbit, but I will eventually. Just wanted to show this to prove I do FINALLY finish things!
I believe I started these bunnies back in February or March? Can't remember! 
Now I'm thinking she needs bangs. Darn, I guess she's NOT finished!

Monday, June 27, 2011

More WIP and Other Stuff.

So it's now the last week of June. How did that happen? I'm sitting here looking around feeling like so much is unfinished, that I'm so behind in the master plan I keep in my mind. Never mind that that plan is unrealistic and kind of crazy.

I looked back at my posts from this month and also closely at the projects that surround me and realize that I WAS pretty productive this month. much more than I thought! Not much is completed but once I finally get that check for that job I'll have quite a lot done all at once.

I've changed the way I've been working. I'm now making blanks of bodies in different styles that can be finished how I want when I get the chance instead of working on one or two dolls from start to finish. I'm hoping this will make me more productive and less overwhelmed when coming back from illness.
My WIP. One naked, headless torso, one limbless, naked torso and four faces in the beginning stages.
I'm a little scared to start these faces. The one for the swap came out so well I'm afraid I can't do as well again! Sigh!
I won a fun Doll Zine from Absolutely Small. If you don't know her she makes cute plush called Chickenpants. This zine is full of funky little patterns for funky little dolls. So much fun!
I asked for a French Press like eight years ago for Christmas. My mom gave me this the other day. Isn't it cute? I haven't used it yet as I'm not anywhere coordinated enough in the morning before I have coffee to make coffee in it! But I do like looking at it. ;0)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

19 Years Ago Today....

I gave birth to my 2nd and last child. A momentous occasion. The Ultrasound said the baby was a boy. I already had a boy. I really wanted a girl because for health reasons I was told to only have 2 babies. Needless to say I got over my disappointment pulled out all my 1st son's clothes and picked a boy's name. 2 boys...I was fine with it since I was lucky enough to be able to have children and all the tests said the baby was going to be healthy.

Well when the doctor held the baby up during delivery and said it's a girl I almost passed out! My last child was a daughter! Wasn't she a huge and lovely surprise!
Wow do I look young here. I was 26.
Me, my 2 year old son and new daughter.
My beautiful daughter today.
Happy 19th Birthday Seneca!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Crappy Week, My Swap Challenge Piece is Finished and What Going On In the Studio..

You may have noticed that I've been quiet for the last week. It's been a sucky one in many ways and I've been majorly lacking in motivation and kind of still am. The only thing I did was finish my swap piece.

I joined in at a swap challenge over at The Hive and they have already seen this finished but I wanted to share the finished picture with all my Blogger followers who have been watching the WIP.
Here is the card I choose for my inspiration.
She's one of the hardest pieces I've done to date. I'm glad I ended up having to redo her skirt cause it came out so much better the second time! Her face is partially needle sculpted and embroidered. Her tam hat has a handmade red pom on the top that you can't see in the photos. And also has white bloomers. She's completely sewn by hand including her clothing. She stands approx 24 inches tall including her hat and is the tallest doll I've made so far. I'm going to be sad to let her go. She's already been assigned a swap partner and I really hope this person likes and will enjoy her!

I have just started cutting out a new piece that will be perfect for Halloween and will share the WIP when I have them.

The mermaids are still naked. There are elves and fairies cut out and waiting to be sewn. Still working on my paper clay dolls but have run out of clay. ;0(

I did a freelance graphics job a few weeks back and am still waiting to be paid so until I am everything in the studio will be in various states of "unfinishedness".

Determined to send something to STUFFED Magazine this time around for real this time! Well now I'm just rambling so bye!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday WIP - Mermaids

I finished my swap piece from my freak out the other day so was able to move on to another project. I've had an idea for a jointed felt mermaid doll sketched and cut out for a while now. I sewed and stuffed and jointed them and am pretty happy with the pattern. They are only basic bodies, a prototype to work out an idea but with embellishment and hair they could be pretty fun, so well we'll see.
I'm thinking of selling my dolls under a different name than I do my plush. Something more descriptive of the dolls. Any advice on this is very welcome!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My WIP Freak Out.

So basically my 4th of July Challenge piece was done and then I noticed something. Someone...and no one has admitted to me who...touched the skirt with greasy fingers! After much swearing, crying, throwing things and a major freak out that a two year old would envy, I had to remove the skirt that took 3 days to handsew and I have to make a new one. Sigh!

Needless to say I'm not happy. I hate having to redo things and this is such a time intensive project for me and it'll be going to another participant so I want it to be the very best I can do.
 A peek from a few days ago.
I look around at my worktables and see all the other projects that are waiting for me and feel a little overwhelmed by it all right now. Well I'm off to work on the new skirt and photos of the completed piece will appear at the end of the week I guess.


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