Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Anything Going On In Sassyland?

Well yes but not a lot. I have completed a paper clay piece that I'm just dying to show you all but I can't cause my camera crapped out. So since I've just paid my daughter's tuition and books for the Spring there's no money for a new camera. ;0(

My birthday is about 2 1/2 weeks away and it would be nice if some family members helped me out but I can't really count on that so I'm trying to borrow a camera for a while. We'll see.

Anyhoo as usual there are lots of unfinished projects sitting around. The last 8 months have not been good for my creativity. I feel like I'm moving through molasses. I decided to try and take control of my life and went to the doctor to find a solution to my socially isolating pain. I started 2 new meds for pain last month and all I can say is I'd almost rather be in pain then suffering the med side effects. They actually make me even more unpleasant to be around and isolate me even further. Sigh! I promised the doctor I'd try it for at least 6 months and see if the side effects smoothed out and if my quality of life improved. So that's where I am at this point.

Meanwhile I have to force myself to work on projects which doesn't make me happy or productive. I feel bad for not posting since you all came here for some reason, so I hope my telling you what's going on will keep you hanging on for a while longer.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Penguins Are Back!

I've gotten a lot of requests lately to bring my fat plush penguins back to my shop. I intended to do that around the Holidays but it didn't happen so I'm doing it now.
They come in 10 different colors and are in my shop now.

Been flat on my back again so have had a lot of thinking time and decided that I'd start offering patterns of some of my designs rather than let them sit gathering dust in my computer. I have to decide which ones and remake the patterns for all kinds of material, not just felt. This will take a bit of time as I am a crazy perfectionist and everything has to be just right or I won't do it. I'm shooting for Spring but It'll most likely be Summer.
So if any of my lovely readers have any suggestions on which patterns they'd like please let me know.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Worktable Friday

Working on a new pattern for a challenge and swap. Right now it's got a headless dead chicken vibe going on but I promise that's not what it'll become! I'm not sure yet if the head will be paper clay or felt but I have a month still till it's due.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Update Of What's Going On In Sassyland

Unfortunately the same old things are still sitting and waiting to be finished. I've only made very small progress on these 4 paper clay figures. Not sure why really. Maybe it's all the other projects I have coming up that are making me feel rushed and when I feel rushed I can't work. I also have the attention span of a flea so that doesn't really help things either.
Here's a peek at my Goth Santa. My Facebook friends and some blog friends gave me great ideas for something I was stuck on with this. I HAVE made a DECISION on what he will hold in his hands, so thank you all!
I also got a great response about getting this soft sculpture piece done too. Several people offered to kick me in the butt so I'd get going. ;0) I have 2 swap pieces to do first then I PROMISE I'll FINISH this!

We moved my step dad into his new senior apartment at the beginning of January. He finally seems to be settling in but he's not really eating properly so I'll have to deal with that.

I've joined 3 challenges, 2 for the Spring and one that lasts the whole year. Nothing like a challenge to get the old brain pumping! The first challenge is an Steampunk Animal at Cloth Doll Artistry. Too fun! Can you guess which animal I'm going to do? The second is Patrick Gill's Vintage Easter Challenge at The Hive and it's a swap. The year long one is a Wonderland one at CDA also. I intend to do a fab showpiece that I can take to craft shows and have it be a portfolio piece. I can do that in a year....right? Well I hope so, there is that attention problem I have! Anyhoo there are lots more unfinished projects around but I'm pretending they don't exist. I'll deal with them later.

What going on in your little land?


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