Thursday, August 26, 2010

Skellies are Done...Sort of

O.k. whew these skellies wore me out! I almost went blind sewing all those tiny stitches. I still need to joint and attach their arms but was just dying to show them to you so I pinned their arms on for the photo. They will have attached arms by this afternoon. I hope I don't sound conceited but I really love how these dolls came out. I think they are the best so far. They weren't part of my original idea for my Halloween dolls set but I'm so glad I thought of them and then moved forward to do them!
They are skellies in love.
Each "bone" has hand cut without a pattern and sewn on. Yes I do know what bones really look like but the rounded blobby ones worked so much better for this design and were intentional.
Here's the last 2 sets in progress. The gray alien looking ones are mummies and the furry ones of course are werepeople. The owl fabric underneath them is for a new owl design I'm working on here and there as I have time. I saved the mummies for last cause I just wasn't sure that the design in my head would really work and I still have my doubts but I'm committed to them so will see it through.
I'm looking for a local photographer to shoot my dolls for me since I just have no room for a large light box set up here and I really want to get the best photos possible of my dolls.
I'll soon be starting on some fun Christmas designs and don't worry I haven't stopped making plush, more will be coming soon!
Thanks to everyone who leaves me such kind, encouraging comments about my dolls!


CloverMeadow said...

Awe's, skelly love! :D The girl's head bow and skirt are very lovely touches which really add to them for me.

Your werepeople are looking good, the fur touches look great! I'm excited to see how you finish them.

Lori's Glassworks said...

I love your Skellies! Cheers!

yoborobo said...

Well, you KNOW I love them. :) And I know exactly how hard it is to sew those bones on. LOL! You do think you are never going to be finished with them. They are fabulous! Get great pics of them, because someone is going to want to buy them from you. I think a photo of them together would make such a great Halloween card, or a Valentine. Beautiful work!!! xox! Pam

michelle said...

These skellies made me chuckly when I saw them:)

Love the little skirt for Lady Skellie:) and th top hat for Lord Skellie:) haha
Michelle x

Moriah said...

SQUEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I love the skellies and yes, you should definately toot your own horn about them!

Jingle said...

Oh, my CUTENESS!!! The skellies look amazing!!! They are really fantastic!

Liz Noonan said...

ah, yeah, those are amazing. skellies in love, how cool!!!

MAB Jewelry said...

Those skellies are fierce, but the werewolves are going to conquer the world. Nicely done, as always, Sassy.

Erica Lea said...

So cute even though so creepy;-) Very clever set, and you did a great job!

Kaerie Faerie said...

the best yet, love your skellies
I need to start some Halloween Dolls soon, been to busy playing in clay everyday LOL
thanks for sharing your beautiful handwork

oldblackcatboo said...

I think that these might just be my all time favorites!!!
I love them!
but I'm also excited to see your werepeople finished, they are looking so cool!

Wendy Wright said...

OMG I LOVE your skellies!!! I am with Kaerie I think these are the best yet. So well designed and sewn. You have every right to toot your own horn cause they are awesome! :) Love the hearts too...nice touch! :)

All So Cute said...

Awesome! I love love love them!


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