Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Treasure and a New Doll

My Tuesday Treasure this week is my sweet pup Carmelita. We had a lot of furry family member drama last week. One of my mom's cats had to be put to sleep. He had a series of mini strokes, was in pain and hiding from everyone. I went with my mom to the vet, it was sad.

Then a few days later my son found Lita in a low blood sugar coma. Rubbing honey on her gums popped her right back but it was super scary! She had an ear infection and I couldn't get her to eat hardly anything. Finally got her into the vet and she's o.k. and back to eating again.
Lita is a 3 year old long haired Chihuahua. She is my companion. Lita fills the void left by my children growing up and not needing me. She's my 3rd child and I adore her. She's the first and only dog I've ever had. She has very cat like qualities and is the same size as my cat Binks. (I think she thinks she is a cat- my cat thinks she is) I'm severely allergic to dogs but not to Lita. I love her with all my heart and she's my treasure.

Now for the new doll. Meet Frank's bride Estell....
I had the worst time figuring out her dress. I didn't want it to be exactly like the old movie and I wanted it to kind of match Frank's tunic but be more girly. Estell is wrapped in bandages like the bride in the old movie cause I kind of liked that idea. Now that she's dressed, Frank and Estell Stein can go out on the town. Hopefully they won't scare anyone!


MAB Jewelry said...

First off, I love Frank's companion! Sorry to hear about your mom's cat, and poor Lita. Does she have that often?

Ascension said...

Tu perrita es preciosa y es normal que le tengas tanto cariƱo, son siempre un miembro mas de la familia.
Me encanta como has vestido a la novia.
Siento todos los percances que has tenido con los animalitos, espero que todo se haya solucionado.
besitos ascension.

Kaerie Faerie said...

I just love your dolls, so colorful and fun, so sorry to hear about your family cat, but glad your little dog is doing better, we love our furry babies so much!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

Is Lita diabetic? Did the vet mention giving her insulin. I had a cat that was diabetic and once I started the insulin he was his old "sassy" self! (if she is, don't worry,it's easy to do, they are teeny tiny needles and they don't even feel it, it's very simple, I promise)
Hey, I'm loving the BRIDE too. Cool dress, good idea!
Isn't it funny how both of our SCARY creations seem to come out cute! LOL!

ackstay said...

I love your blog and your ETSY items... you are so creative!


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