Monday, August 30, 2010

Crazy Weekend and A Candy Corn

This weekend was very full. It started with The Girl's first Women's College Soccer game on Friday. They won 3-1 but the Girl pulled her hamstring again and had to leave the field in pain several times. She was very disappointed in her performance. By that night I realized that her allergies were more than just that and suspected that she had a full blown sinus infection on top of everything else and her asthma was worse.

In between baking for the Girl's Team Bake Sale and groceries and cleaning and dealing with the whiny Girl and forcing her to take a trip to Urgent Care and another trip to the pharmacy for antibiotics, I did manage to sew up a fun Candy Corn Plush and start work on my Halloween character stickers.
He's a larger version of my little Halloween ornament.
The Candy Corn Plush is now in my etsy shop and I hope to get my stickers done in the next few days.

I sent the Girl to school today with 2 big bins filled with 3 kinds of cookies and 4 kinds of muffins for the bake sale. I went a bit overboard probably. The girl's are going to an out of state tournament next weekend and the sale is to provide them with spending money that the athletic dept doesn't and also to go towards new warm up suits. Am also debating if I should bake some more today for the rest of the sale tomorrow.

My mom made the labels and packaged everything up so nicely.


AmyK said...

That candy corn plush is quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen today!

Saskia said...

Great plush candy!!! ...And yummy muffins!!

Saskia :)

yoborobo said...

I wish I could buy one of those muffins. :) And that candy corn is adorable! I hope you get to recover from your weekend - lol! xox Pam

Wendy Wright said...

Love your candy corn....soooooo cute!!!!

Jingle said...

Oh, I SO {HEART} that giant plush candy corn!!!!! He is fabulous!!!!!!

MAB Jewelry said...

You are such a good mama, and I hope your daughter is feeling better. And that corn is the most charming thing I have seen all day.


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