Monday, October 25, 2010

Sleepless Night and Decision Making.

It was an emotionally draining weekend. I thought I'd have to fly my son home because things aren't going well with him. After a lot of back and forth he's decided to try and stick it out but is grateful that he can come home as a last resort. So...preciously saved money will go to him to help him thru this difficult life experience.
 My Goofy Kid
Meanwhile I took a serious look at all my projects and decided I need to scale way back on what I thought I could get done. I've decided to make just a few gingerbread people, reindeer and snow people in the large plush doll size and more smaller little plush that would be good for stocking stuffers, ornaments and decorations. I really want to make sales and since my designs are a bit odd and different I know they won't appeal to the masses, so I think the smaller ones will do better. I'll continue to make Large Snarky Girl dolls in different designs and smaller ones too. Also Christmas and Holiday to have owls! I'm already thinking of designs for Easter and Spring!
Mini Reindeer Plush
I'll also be concentrating more on my stationery business. I took a long break but am back up and taking orders in my Zibbet shop. It will take a huge time commitment and lots of hard work to get that business back to the level it was. I'm slowly getting items loaded there. So if you are looking for gift stickers, address labels, note cards, enclosure cards, gift tags, shipping labels or invitations for any occasion come check me out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

WIP that's slowly coming along.

Gingerbread people, snow people, reindeer, Santa and the Mrs: cut out, laid out and bits and parts sewn. A very long way to go! Thought you'd like another peek.
 A pile of arms and antlers and some legs.
I had to break out the holiday buffet table!

Sigh! So much and so little time!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm having a giveaway on Six Cherries On Top Blog. Joni was so kind to do a little feature on my Frank plush doll which I mentioned in the post below. When she asked if I'd like to do a giveaway I said of course! So please stop by her blog for a chance to win one of my Mini Witch Owls!

Joni was also so kind to put up a photo of my holiday ornaments too.

Another Feature and a Treasury Too.

I'm feeling quite popular lately. My silly creations are being noticed and talked about. Makes me very happy.

On Monday of this week I was featured on a blog with some other really great Halloween items. Go to this blog cause you've all seen my Frank before but the items featured right above Frank are beautiful and amazing! If you love steampunk you will love them.

I put some of my last year's ornaments in the shop yesterday and someone was kind enough to put my Santa ornament in an early Holiday Treasury. Seriously there is some really good stuff in this treasury!

Sorry for the lack of Friday Finds this month. It's been a bit stressful here for me. My son moved across country and unfortunately  things haven't gone as well as he hoped so I've been distracted worrying about him. I hope to start up Friday Finds again in November. If you'd like to be featured please let me know.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Plush Dolls were featured.

Yesterday some of my Halloween Plush Dolls were featured on this great Monster Blog. If you love monsters come check out this blog and maybe leave a comment about my little feature.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town... 67 days! OMG! I'm such a last minute Nellie! I have started but will have to work like a complete lunatic to finish in time as I curse my silly procrastinations. 

I did have a lovely productive day yesterday cutting out gingerbread men, reindeer and snowmen and really felt like I was getting somewhere until....I realized that I still have to cut out all my Santas, Mrs. Claus', elves, hand stitch all the facial details, hand sew, stuff each one, cut out all the minis of the same designs, hand stitch, hand sew and stuff.

I also wanted to offer large Snarky Girl dolls for the Holiday and have started those too but I think something will have to give.

This may be the year I loose my mind! Anyone want to take bets on when that will happen, should I start a pool?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Having A Halloween Sale!

All my Large Halloween Plush Dolls are now $10.00 off! Includes my Witch, Frank, Vampire etc and the Halloween Owls too. The Small Halloween Owls are $5.00 off and my Halloween felt ornaments are $2.00 off. All of these items are in stock at my etsy shop and ready to ship. Need to make room for Christmas so get them while you can!
They are in my sale section and prices are already marked down.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Experiment in progress...

I've been playing around with the idea of using paper clay for some time. I finally got my hands on some on my once a year trip to the far off Hobby Lobby. I recently joined a great group Creating the hive and all of my most admired artists are there and guess what? They answer questions and share techniques! I am in creative heaven! You can check out my profile here.

Anyhoo getting answers to my questions helped me gain enough confidence to try paper clay to make a face on a soft bodied doll. I had so much fun! I haven't sculpted since high school and did better than I thought I would. She needs more work and a lot of sanding and is more prim than I've ever done before but I'm going to finish her. My creative juices are flowing again! And yes I FINALLY used the sewing machine! It still hates me so I'll probably end up hand sewing the arms and legs but I did the body successfully!
I still have 2 bald and limbless witches to finish so will be blogging more WIPs than I have recently plus Christmas things are on the verge of exploding out of me so get ready! Have you tried something new and different recently? Tell me about it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Craft Store Finds

I finally got to the craft store yesterday to get a few buttons for my plush dolls and almost everything was on a holiday sale. I went nuts loading up a cart until my voice of reason said "And how do you plan to pay for all of this?!" Sadly I put most of it back but I couldn't resist the 60% off Halloween fabric, and really who could? I may have to do Halloween all year round, lol!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lots of fun treasuries this week

This has been kind of a crazy week but I'm happy to say that my fun felty items have been in 3 fun treasuries this week.

If you get a chance please click and view all these wonderful items.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

And the Winner is....

Beth! You've won the Witch Owl Giveaway. I'll send you an email in a bit to get your mailing.address.


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