Friday, March 30, 2012

WIP Friday

I've gotten a jump start on the Vintage Circus Challenge at ADA, it doesn't officially start until April 1st. You don't have to be a member to join in this challenge. CLICK HERE for details. I'm such a terrible procrastinator that I knew I'd better force myself to get going. I'm sharing some WIPs.

Anyway I just finished the main most time consuming piece (the one above). It just needs details and that part is done. The companion piece is cut out and ready to sew. It's a lot less detailed construction but requires many more finishing details.

I'm not going to say what it is now, but you can guess if you like.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Thoughts About Patterns...

O.k. so back in February I talked about releasing some of my patterns for sale after I re-worked them to be made in fabric instead of felt. The way the economy is I could very much use another steam of income no matter how small. 

These are the patterns I was considering.

 My Penguin
My Seahorses
My Owls

Well I've had a change of heart. In the last few weeks I've heard from so many people and read so many stories about how their patterns have been stolen. Some of these patterns have been stolen by unscrupulous people who sell multiple copies of of other people's work for profit. And some involve people in other countries who steal patterns and claim them as their own work.

Let's be clear, I don't think I'm a fantastic designer or that my patterns are so wonderful. I would just be absolutely heartbroken to have my intellectual creative property stolen.

So I'll just retire them until a later date. Sorry to anyone who expressed interest in buying a pattern, I hope you understand.

UPDATE: I've changed my mind about patterns and am currently designing and selling them. See the side bar for the patterns I have available right now!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's Going On in Sassyland.

Well now that the Vintage Easter Challenge is done I can move on the other things. I have to make 300 penguin ornaments for the wedding due at the end of May and my hands are a bit sore from cutting out all those little pieces. Not much to see there yet just lots of little un-stuffed bodies. Trying to track down the ribbon I need to hang them, my store is out.

The next challenge I'm going to tackle is The Vintage Circus Challenge over at Art Doll It sounds like a fun one but as usual I've planned a huge design thinking I have enough time to complete it and I probably don't. So I'll have to scale back and maybe do the other pieces at a later date. (knowing me those other piece will never get done....sigh!) Anyhoo we need more people for this so sign up and join in!
There are a couple of smaller swaps coming up at ADA too.

Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine is doing a Native American theme and I'd love to do a doll for that. My children's father is Native American and I have an ancestor who was too. If I can get this done it would make a great 20th birthday present for my daughter. (but again knowing me...we'll see)
I've almost finalize my design idea for the The "Once Upon A Time Alice's Adventures" Challenge at Cloth Doll Artistry. I'm down to 3 different ideas and hope to pick one soon cause it'll take me MONTHS to complete this! Good thing I have until December 31st!
I had to bow out of the Steampunk Challenge there cause I overextend myself. ;0(

As always I'm looking forward to whatever Patrick has in store for more challenges this year at The Hive.  

I also hope to have a chance to make some of MY dolls sometime this year too. And yes I'll probably have some Plush dolls again around the Holidays. I just can't seem to shake free of them.

Do I have enough on my plate yet?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Received a Present Yesterday

from my son for my birthday! When I opened the package I was over the moon! It was a life sized Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who! My all time favorite Sci-Fi show.
It's the device he carries that does many things except kill, the Doctor doesn't like to kill and he "never knows when he'll need a good screwdriver to put some cabinets up in the middle of the night". (A quote only hard core Doctor fans will get).

It lights up and makes the sonic noise and everything! Does my son "know" his geeky mom or what?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Vintage Easter Card Challenge Piece is Done

For some reason I am unable to get onto The Hive, so I hope this post will show up there and Patrick and everyone will know that I did make the deadline and am finished.

After 2 bodies, 2 sets of legs, 4 heads, 3 sets of ears and a complete re-design of his feet and legs Sir Cottontail is done!
My inspiration card on the left and my finished soft sculpture on the right.
Other side.

So of course after I took these photos and edited them I realized that his glasses had slipped out of place and should be lower on his nose. I'm so happy to be done that I just don't care right now and will re-shoot later!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've been Interviewed.

I was interviewed by the lovely Moriah on the New Art Doll Artists Blog. I was a little embarrassed to do it since I'm an Admin of the Art Doll Artists Website and I contribute to that blog but she asked me so I said o.k.

This is a weekly Thursday feature with a more in-depth artist interview once a month. So if anyone wants to be interviewed contact Moriah or myself and I'll pass your info along to Moriah.

So if you ever wanted to know a bit more about I am.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Worktable Wednesday

Spending the day trying to finish up some of the last pieces for Patrick's Vintage Easter Challenge and Swap. Just when I think "Oh I'm not too far from being done", I realize how much work is left to do and I kinda freak out.
But no worries, come heck or high water I'll be done by the deadline! I always am. 

Unfortunately because of how slow I tend to work and some procrastination problems I have, I had to give up the idea of having the umbrella's mechanics actually work so the bunny could be posed with the umbrella up. I was so hoping to have a chance to do that, cause how cool would that be?! Anyhoo compromises have to be made.

What's on your worktable today?

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Website for Art Doll Artists

 My good friend Moriah and I have been working hard for the last few weeks to get a new site up and running. It's called Art Doll We've had a Facebook group by this name since 2010 and Moriah wanted to turn this group into a full fledged Website where we could accommodate our ever growing membership. And also to create a place where members can host and participate in free classes and tutorials, run paid workshops, buy, sell & trade doll making supplies, or just discuss their day with like minded friends.

Artists can also participate in Challenges, ornament and doll swaps, and The Great Art Doll Collaborative (a round robin of doll making) if they choose, but it isn't a requirement of membership.

In addition to the original Facebook group of 363 members we have an Art Doll Artists (ADA) Facebook Community page that will be highlighting what going on at the Website. We have also created a blog that has Monthly and Weekly featured members, artist studio tours, spotlight on doll making supplies and tutorials, plus so much more!

Art Doll Artists is a free to join site. The only requirement being that you make art dolls, you don't even have to sell them, just enjoy making them. 

I hope if you like making art dolls, you'll drop by and check the site out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Worktable Thursday

The main project I'm doing right now is a soft sculpture piece for a Vintage Easter Challenge and Swap that Patrick Gill is hosting over at The Hive. I had a bit of an issue in the beginning but am cruising along now. It's due on my birthday the Saturday after next so I'm really focusing on getting this done in time.
Here a WIP of the bunny. You can see the inspiration piece on my computer. I'm further along then this but don't want to show too much yet. I made his suitcase last night and am starting his umbrella today. His basket isn't done and the head is giving me fits, but I'll be done by the due date!

I have some paper clay pieces started, Easter and several Leprechauns that I know I'll never finish in time for this year. ;0(

I also have another project that has a deadline. I'm making 300 felt penguin ornaments for a wedding. The Bride and Groom want to give them to their guests as favors. This will be a busy Spring for me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Words on a Wednesday

My mom's birthday was Friday. My daughter and I spent the entire evening at Urgent Care and Walgreen's getting her seen and meds and didn't get home until 10:30 pm. So we celebrated on Saturday. I made my mom a very special cake. It was a rainbow type cake but I only made 4 layers and did them in my mom's favorite colors. Pinterest inspired me to do this.
It was a secret cake. Plain white on the outside. But when I cut the first piece there was oooooing and ahhhhing. These aren't the best photos but I was very please by how it came out so I wanted to share.
My mom was so surprised and just loved it. She took a piece to church the next day to show people and also took a piece to work on Monday.
Want a slice?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Kids!

Now that my camera problems are fixed I can now show this piece I finished a while ago. Even though it's been such a mild winter with hardly any snow I still felt like making snow people.
 These little ones remind me of bundling my little ones up to play in the snow so long ago. It's funny how I can't get away from felt. I was going to do their details in paper clay but decided to try going mixed media and I really love how they came out!
Close up detail view

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sneak Peeks

O.k. after rambling on and adding more drama to my life over this camera situation I found a work around to get my photos off the camera. I won't tell how cause it just makes me feel incredibly stupid plus there are some computer settings involved in the whole thing. Needless to say crisis averted!
Here is the sneak peek of the paper clay piece I wanted to show last week. It's done now but it's too gray and rainy to take proper photos.
I had a bit of a major freak out over this bunny's legs and him not being able to stand on his own. Well a re-design and 4 hours later he's all good. This is for the Vintage Easter Challenge and Swap.
Now that I can get photos off my camera again I'll have more to show. So stay tuned or whatever.


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