Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's Going On in Sassyland.

Well now that the Vintage Easter Challenge is done I can move on the other things. I have to make 300 penguin ornaments for the wedding due at the end of May and my hands are a bit sore from cutting out all those little pieces. Not much to see there yet just lots of little un-stuffed bodies. Trying to track down the ribbon I need to hang them, my store is out.

The next challenge I'm going to tackle is The Vintage Circus Challenge over at Art Doll It sounds like a fun one but as usual I've planned a huge design thinking I have enough time to complete it and I probably don't. So I'll have to scale back and maybe do the other pieces at a later date. (knowing me those other piece will never get done....sigh!) Anyhoo we need more people for this so sign up and join in!
There are a couple of smaller swaps coming up at ADA too.

Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine is doing a Native American theme and I'd love to do a doll for that. My children's father is Native American and I have an ancestor who was too. If I can get this done it would make a great 20th birthday present for my daughter. (but again knowing me...we'll see)
I've almost finalize my design idea for the The "Once Upon A Time Alice's Adventures" Challenge at Cloth Doll Artistry. I'm down to 3 different ideas and hope to pick one soon cause it'll take me MONTHS to complete this! Good thing I have until December 31st!
I had to bow out of the Steampunk Challenge there cause I overextend myself. ;0(

As always I'm looking forward to whatever Patrick has in store for more challenges this year at The Hive.  

I also hope to have a chance to make some of MY dolls sometime this year too. And yes I'll probably have some Plush dolls again around the Holidays. I just can't seem to shake free of them.

Do I have enough on my plate yet?

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Those challenges are perfect for you!


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