Monday, March 12, 2012

New Website for Art Doll Artists

 My good friend Moriah and I have been working hard for the last few weeks to get a new site up and running. It's called Art Doll We've had a Facebook group by this name since 2010 and Moriah wanted to turn this group into a full fledged Website where we could accommodate our ever growing membership. And also to create a place where members can host and participate in free classes and tutorials, run paid workshops, buy, sell & trade doll making supplies, or just discuss their day with like minded friends.

Artists can also participate in Challenges, ornament and doll swaps, and The Great Art Doll Collaborative (a round robin of doll making) if they choose, but it isn't a requirement of membership.

In addition to the original Facebook group of 363 members we have an Art Doll Artists (ADA) Facebook Community page that will be highlighting what going on at the Website. We have also created a blog that has Monthly and Weekly featured members, artist studio tours, spotlight on doll making supplies and tutorials, plus so much more!

Art Doll Artists is a free to join site. The only requirement being that you make art dolls, you don't even have to sell them, just enjoy making them. 

I hope if you like making art dolls, you'll drop by and check the site out.


Mary Ann said...

Sounds interesting. Maybe some day I'll qualify to be a member:) I have put your badge on my sidebar anyway. I get a lot of traffic everyday from various sources who might be interested.

icycooL said...

Good luck with your group, and I hope it gets off the ground successfully!

Cynthia Myers said...

sounds very COOL.
I must get busy so that I can become part of it!


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