Monday, November 28, 2011

The Making of A Custom Ornament.

I was asked to make a custom ornament this year by a customer that I made custom ornaments for last year. It's sooooo nice to get repeat business! Anyhoo I thought I'd document the process for those who are interested.
 The client sent me a photo of their new dog. I did an ornament of their Yorkie last year. I then made a graphic of the dog. She has such beautiful markings but it's a felt ornie so I have to simplify them.
I printed out the basic shapes and started to cut and layer the colors.
Teeny tiny stitches.
This sweet Doxie has blue eyes so I used blue mini buttons. The white details have been layered on. The ears attached and the hanger too.
Here she is all sewn and lightly stuffed. Much more of a challenge then the Yorkie of last year.
I think she's really quite sweet! Just needs a bow then she's off to a new home!
Here's last year's Yorkie. I think I did a much better job this year. ;0)

Friday, November 25, 2011

FREE Holiday Shipping!

I'm offering FREE shipping on my larger plush items for US customers today thru Monday. No code needed. Added some new items.

Sugar cookie plush dolls
Plush Tardis - In stock
Tardis stickers
Winter character stickers

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Special Thanksgiving Treat For You!

I made these free printables last year to share with my blog followers. They can be place cards or you can write the names of dishes if you have a buffet dinner like we do. All you need is Adobe Reader. Print, cut, write and enjoy!

They have been on One Pretty Thing's blog, HGTV's printable archive and all over Pinterest. I plan on doing more since they seem to be so well received.

You can find the link to the printable on this post.

If you download and use them would you please comment on how you used them and if you liked them? It just makes me happy. ;0)

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Won A Great Giveaway Last Month

It was this fantastic Halloween bracelet from Eleanor at Corner Store Goddess. She has amazing and unique jewelry and each has a story to tell. I've gotten so many compliments on this that I started to wear it everywhere. Heck I'm a Halloween all year round kind of gal!
This photo does not do this bracelet justice.
You can read the stories that go along with each of her pieces on her blog here.

Here are some of my favorites in her shop right now.
Awesome pumpkin earrings.
Sweet Puppy Bracelet.
Awesome Day of The Dead Earrings.
 Click on each photo to go to the listing.
Please do stop by and see the lovelies that are available in Eleanor's shop! I bet you find something you just love.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Worktable Wednesday.

I dyed the buttons I needed to finish my penguin ornaments last night and they came out perfectly! Even color and nice and glossy. I think I'm hooked and may be doing more colors soon.
I have a new design for holiday plush this year. I finished Santa and he came out really well so I cut out all the other characters. They are waiting on the worktable for their chance to come to life. I really love working on new designs! And yes Sarah these are in my style that you like so much. ;0)
What's on your worktable this Wednesday?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy Day and Monday In The Studio.

I finished a crazy amount of felt penguin ornaments over the weekend. I made a ton to be in stock and ready to ship and once they're gone that's it. I completed about 30 of them before I realized I forgot to sew the tags in them...UGH! Oh well, I ended up leaving them all tag less.
I already sold a set right after listing them! Yay!
Here's all 12 colors.
They are sold in sets of 3 and here 
is a new color combo for this year.
I bought out all the mini buttons I use for their eyes but I need more. I have a ton of white ones in the same size so I think I may try and dye them. Any suggestions on that would be most helpful.
In the process of cutting out some new holiday plush designs. Not sure how they will turn out yet so I'll hold off on showing them until I work the kinks out. Trying very hard to use what little time I have to myself to create.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gingers and Snowmen and Reindeer Galore.

2 sweet Ginger Plush Pillows. Available right now in my etsy shop. Sold separately.

 Bert the Snowman is in the shop too.
These Reindeer Plush Buddies will be available later today.
Still sewing penguin and owl ornaments. I have about 30 of 150 penguins done. I'll only have maybe 10 to 12 owls this year. They will all start to appear in my shop this weekend and once they are gone that's all.


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