Monday, July 9, 2012


I thought when I re-organized my studio a few months back that this was it. This was the the most workable solution for me. I'll be happy and productive...yeah right. Well I am more productive, but mostly because I'm forcing myself to do things for special purposes: challenges, swaps and publication opportunities. But something just isn't right with my studio. I still feel like I have too much stuff crammed in everywhere and it's wearing on me. I need to clear everything out and start fresh.
Here's my little studio space now.

As you can see there is a lot going on in here. While I was pretty proud that I was able to fit everything in, I realize that's not necessary a good thing. I have 3 large worktables, a computer desk, a large file cabinet, a small and a large wire shelving units, a small file cabinet, 3 large storage drawer bins, 2 walls of shelving, etc, etc.

So I did some space planning online and this is what I came up with.
I'm turning the 2 worktables into a long L shaped work surface and getting rid of the 3rd table. The 2 sizes of wire shelving will stay and a bookcase will be brought in to hold all my art books. The worktable will be raised up to counter height and will have lots of storage underneath. I'll be blocking the door to the kitchen off with either a shelving unit or a bookcase,.but I do that now anyway so it's not an issue
The couch is here because you walk thru the living room to get to my studio and this is how I have my couch positioned. Keeps little nephew from running in and out and in and out. ;0)
I'm sure this plan will change some as I go along. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vintage Circus/Sideshow Challenge Piece Is Done

Saturday was the deadline for the Spring Challenge over at ADA Art Doll Artists so now I can show you my finished project.

While I have made smaller dolls than this before I'm not fond of working this small. She fits in my hand and both she and her horse were a huge challenge. I hope you enjoy seeing her. Introducing Matilda and Juniper.

Matilda Tillmann was born into a moderately wealthy family and was one of 9 daughters. Her 8 sisters were great beauties and were much sought after for marriage by handsome, rich and dashing young men. As sister after sister headed off to wedded bliss, poor Matilda became more and more depressed. Her parents were concerned yet practical people who decided to spend Matilda’s dowry on a horse since she loved to ride and honestly knew that they’d never be able to marry off this daughter with that face. “Now Matilda can take care of us in our old age and have a good horse to keep her company” was the thought of her parents. 
Matilda loved her horse and scandalized the village by riding about town in trousers and short riding skirts while standing on her head. Mr. Tillmann worried about ruining his business reputation told Matilda he would have to take her horse away if she didn’t ride like a proper lady. Matilda loved the freedom her horse gave her and decided somehow her life must change. 
A fortnight later a Circus arrived just outside the village. Matilda begged her parents for permission to go but decent people did not attend circus performances. So Matilda snuck out with the household staff and had the time of her life. She watched the trick rider who wasn’t very good and thought “this is for me!” She snuck out again the next afternoon with her horse and showed the Ringmaster what she could do and was hired right away. Matilda became very happy, famous, rich and had many dashing lovers despite her face.


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