Sunday, October 15, 2017

My 2017 Halloween Felt Ornament Set Is Now Avalaible!

 For the 2017 Halloween Season, I designed a set of 3 ornaments that are slightly different than last years' patterns but still coordinate with the 1st set. This set will be sold in a bundle of the 3 together.

The First Felt Halloween Ornament Is A Black Cat.

 I designed a scary Witch's Black Cat. Most of my ornament designs are usually faces, so it was a treat to do a whole body this time. We've had 3 black cats over the years so I consider this one a friendly cat.

The Second Felt Halloween Ornament Is A Felt Ghost.


This ghost is probably the easiest of all the Halloween ornaments to make. You can sew it like I did or just glue it together with felt glue.

The Third Felt Halloween Ornament Is A Witch's Hat.


I just love this witch's hat! Super easy to make and easy to add details too. Isn't the pumpkin so cute on the hat brim?

Here's All My Felt Halloween Ornaments Together.

I am so tickled at how cute all my Halloween Ornaments look all together! I already have new ideas for next year!

Here's a link to my etsy shop Halloween Bundle Set. And I'll make a sidebar link too.

I hope you enjoy all my Halloween Patterns and will like my Christmas ones as well.


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