Friday, October 9, 2015

Have you heard of Periscope?

It's an app that let's you record live videos that can be replayed up to 24 hours after the live broadcast. People watching you live can also type chat with you, asking questions etc. They can also tap their screens to send you hearts, which means they like you or what you are talking about and invite other on their twitter feed to watch you too.

It's a app for the Twitter people so you need a twitter account to sign up. People can follow you on Periscope like any other social network and you can block rude, annoying and unwanted followers.

I use Periscope to watch social media and handmade business marketing people. I also watch other artists. The artists I follow do wips, make art while you watch, talk about their artistic process etc.

People do all kinds of scopes, as they are called. Some people scope random life moments, some use the scope to promote their business, you can decorate a cake, re-arrange your living room, take the dog for a walk. Whatever you scope about some one will be interested.

There is now a new app called which records your scopes and saves them in a accessible library. You can then put them on your website, blog or make them available to youtube. Oh and all of this is free!

Anyway, the reason I brought the whole thing up is I'm going to make my first video soon and I hope you'll watch. I plan on showing my studio, detailed looks at my new products etc.

 I decided to put this Day of the Dead Skellie girl in my shop and here are some random studio shots of her that I really liked.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

My new website launched today. Please go and check it out, feedback is welcome.The link is:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Here's A Peek At My Newsletter Frebie.

So working like a madwoman I was able to get my freebie tutorial pdf done just in time for my October newsletter release yesterday. I hope my subscribers liked it.

 I decided to do a cute candy corn ornament. I updated an old pattern that I've had for a while. The pattern can be scaled up to make a plush pillow too.
 Does anyone remember when I used to make these? (old pic)
How cute would these guys with different facial expressions be sitting in a window or on your couch? (old pic)

 Wouldn't this be cute on a Halloween tree? Anyway completing this was a big goal of mine and I'm already thinking about November and December's fun projects

I also announced my website launch to my newsletter subscribers. I will inform the rest of my social media accounts next week.

I have one last thing to do for the website which is proving to be the hardest thing of About Me page. I've always found that writing about myself is anxiety producing. But I'm pushing forward and getting it done today! Wish me luck.

Monday, September 28, 2015

I See The Light AT The End Of The Tunnel!

I'm almost done with my website, just a few more tweaks and I'll be ready to launch! Between this and setting up marketing and promos and my newsletter, I really thought my head might explode. Of course I create a lot of the stress and drama myself and that never makes anything better, but once I calm down I'm a workhorse and things get done.

I don't have any new art to show but I'm currently working on my October freebie for my newsletter subscribers. If you are crafty and want to try this sign up for my newsletter. You'll also be the first to know about my website launch date, coupon codes just for subscribers, freebie patterns and more!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So Much Work!

*Warning, general crabbiness and whining ahead* There is so much work to be done for this website! Everything takes 10 times longer than I think it will and days go by when I can't do anything work related.

Anyway I apparently don't have enough on my plate cause I started taking this 30 Sale a Day Challenge course to help me focus on my business and I highly recommend it. And guess what it's FREE!

You can work at your own pace. There are all some worksheets to download and fill out and questions to answer. I won't lie it's hard (at least for me) I really have to push myself to do these exercises but it's so worth it! Mei who designed this course is an awesome person. I belong to a Private Facebook Group of hers and it's full of great helpful people. Also Mei is active in the group and answers questions too. I follow several "social media business people" and the content Mei has really connects with me.

 So today was supposed to be my super secret soft website launch date. Yeah, that didn't happen. Yep, and I'm stressed about it too. Now I'm not sure exactly when it will launch, but my newsletter subscribers will be the first to know by a day or two, then everyone else will find out.

I've been stressing about lots of things but particularly my product photos. A couple of days ago I set up my lightbox and started shooting and was so unhappy with my photos, like seriously in a funk about it, so much so I just sat around stressing about it. Yesterday I got off my butt and shot a whole new round of photos which are better and starting to grow on me, but not perfect like I imagined in my head. Well I'm not perfect so why should my photos be?! I'll never get anything done if I keep expecting perfect, so I'm slowly learning that not perfect but trying my best is good enough.

Thanks for reading through my crabbiness and I promise to have something more upbeat next time.


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