Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Turkey Day Tomorrow!

I really wanted to make a fun freebie for you all but time got away from me and the Christmas Ornament Club is taking up a lot more time than I thought.

I do have an older freebie that pretty popular with a lot of people, and they are downloading it, so I thought I'd link this post to that one. It's a set of FREE Thanksgiving Place Cards. Cute for the kid's table, the adult table and to use as food labels on a buffet.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Special Day of the Dead Couple.

I made this awesome couple in the Spring of 2015 but I never really showed wips or good final pics so I thought today was perfect to do that, being Day of the Dead and all!

The beginning stages are always so fun!

These quick sketches are all I have of the start of these dolls. I wanted to make a pair of eternal lovers who weren't able to be together in life be can now spend eternity together.

I also only have this beginning wip pic. For some reason I just didn't take any pis of these being done, that I can find.

 Sewing on her hair. (Ignore my unmade bed, my studio was in my bedroom then).

Hair done and flowers sewn in.

And finally the veil attached.

I finally got some beauty shots in my light box so you can really see the detail.

 Side view of Estella with veil and bouquet.

Side view of Ernesto with his sombrero and guitar. 

Close up of Estella's Face. Don't have on like this of Ernesto.

His guitar and her bouquet.

The lovers together! Ernesto is 17.5 inches tall and Estella is 17 inches tall. They are available in my shop. Here's a link to the listing where you can see more photos.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Porter the Penguin's Superhero Costume Is Done In Time For Halloween!

The Superhero Costume is done and in my shop!


I know I was cutting it close, but the costume can be used for imaginary play too. Who doesn't want to be a Superhero?!

The PDF set comes with a medallion cape, mask, treat bag and fish flavored chocolate bar. 

Super easy to make and to make the whole process easier just glue the smaller pieces on and glue the mask together.

What does it look like on the Penguin? 


 I made more of the typical gender colors, but mostly because purple is my favorite color so one of them was getting that purple cape!

Make your Superhero's outfit any color you and/or your child wants and have fun! 

Here's the link to the Superhero costume

One more exciting thing! 


 I have reduced the add-on accessories pattern's prices and the Penguin with the original accessories combo have both been reduced through the holidays! You won't want to miss that! 

I plan on, fingers crossed, a Christmas add-on set, but with the Christmas Pattern Club not sure I'll have the time. If you are interested seriously let me know and I'll get something done!

Don't forget to join the Christmas Ornament Pattern Club! Sign ups start November 1st!

Happy Halloween!!!!!


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