Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Printer

I have a new printer in my studio. Purchased it right before I became so ill and have only had a chance to use it once. It's an Epson Stylus Photo Printer. It handles large format printing on a variety of papers. I bought it to complement my color laser printer. It does everything my laser can't: rough textured media, broad blocks of colors and larger size media.

I'm extremely pleased with the new printer so far! It looks so small in this picture but it really is a beast. When you open up the paper feeder and the part where the paper comes out it's like a "Transformer" (more than meets the eye!) So cool! Yeah I know I'm a geek.

My plan is to use this printer to print some graphics I drew and made into art prints. Great for kids rooms and rooms for kids at heart. I'm very excited about the whole thing and can't wait until I move into my new studio space so I can finally spread out.


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