Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So I Did It Again...

I joined another challenge even though I haven't finished the dolls for my shop update. It's so easy to talk me into creative things, I always take on too much. There was another challenge for a new group I belong to, but I only got as far as a sketch. Anyway here's what I been up to.

It's another Every Witch Way Lane challenge. This is a shorter time frame one due at the end of July. It's Witch's Hat, Black Cat and Broomstick challenge. You can make what ever you want as long as it has those elements. I'm doing a black cat witch, maybe it's too literal but that what I felt like doing.

A very basic beginning sketch.
Working out the face details.
Sculpting and stuffing the face.

I had so much fun embroidering these eyes and actually came up with a new way to do my eyes.
Here she is stuffed and legs attached. It's super hard to see the face details since they are black on black. I hope to get better pics of her face later cause I'm loving it.
 Here's the little 3D fireplace. This will be inset in the dress. There will be a little cauldron cooking away in there too.
Since she's all black cat I decided to do bright colorful clothing. I embroidered and appliqued the boots.
The start of the apron dress. It will be embroidered and appliqued. There will be a blouse, underwear and maybe an underskirt too. Oh yeah and a witch hat and broomstick.

The finished project can be found HERE.

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