Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Rummage Sale Finds.

I am an admitted craft hoarder. Because I know this about myself I do not go to yard sales (love them but I'm too out of control). Every year in the Fall my mom's church has their annual rummage sale. I personally donate heavily to this as it's my chance to purge a lot of household stuff. I also use it as my once a year opportunity to get lots of craft stuff. The stuff I end up with is sometimes not to be believed, especially since I'm a out of the box thinker!
I didn't get all the great vintage fabric that I got in previous years but scored lots of trims and ribbons and more. Anyhoo I thought I'd share with you all my finds.
3 vintage baby dresses that I'll got for the lace. One is so precious I may not be able to cut it up.
Felt, trims, ribbons, mini real seashells, tulle, mini wooden blocks, some small print vintage fabric and tons more.
Awesome vintage wooden ornaments. These are perfect for my studio xmas tree.
Copper cookie cutters. These aren't for crafting but just because I have mini ones from my childhood and I fell in love with the witch and turkey but couldn't leave the rest behind, now could I? (see that's my inner hoarder talking)
I originally passed these up but my mom told me she knew I could do something with them and brought them home for me. Right now all I'm thinking about is zombies. Weird, I know.
I grabbed these beauties right away. Kind of thinking vampire/zombie mixed media dolls. Hmmm.....yep zombies on the brain.
This is another thing I originally passed up but the ladies at the rummage sale told my mom to give me this. If they only knew what evil things I'm thinking for it they might not have! Mhaw ha ha!

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Vintage Halloween Piece is Finished!

This is the Vintage Halloween Card I picked for my inspiration. Aren't those pumpkin boys a hoot?! I wanted to do all 4 pumpkin boys but with all my family drama I had to scale it back to only 2.

A lot of you have seen bits and pieces as I worked along but I'll show a few WIP then the final cause it always amazes me how it looks when I first start a piece and then suddenly bam it all goes together.
Scary orange body. I have to admit
I was pretty worried at this point.
Moved on to the paper clay pumpkin heads.
Back to the bodies and spent hours on the clothes. 
But learned so much!
Did you know pants have to have waistbands or they fall off? Well now I know. I added vintage buttons on the back of their shirts. I remember my grandma telling me that baby and toddler clothes when she was young had buttons on the backs so the kids couldn't take off their clothes and run naked. So I added that detail.
I have to say the Pumpkin heads were the hardest part. I haven't really painted since college and I hate doing things I'm not good at. Those orange heads sat and stared at me for a long, long time before I got the courage to paint the faces and other details. I am happy with the results cause I know it was the best I can do and is hopefully good enough.
All done! 
That darn gate almost sent me into crazed hysterics! 
I made it 3 different times. So, so happy to be done.
First Boy
Second Boy

I really hope you enjoyed seeing my piece. I had a great time making it and I hope whoever receives it is happy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Halloween Plush Dolls.

Are now in my esty shop. Many of my Hive friends and newer blog followers may not know but before I started making art dolls I designed plush/softies and plush dolls and still do. Here are my Halloween designs from last year. I intended on adding 2 new characters this year: a wolf man and a skellie, but because I'm taking care of my step dad I had to shelve the majority of my projects. Anyway these fun monsters are in my shop at very reasonable prices. They are for collectors and home decor for the holidays but not for young children because of the button details. I hope they bring a smile to your face today!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Won 2 Giveaways!

And they are both friends who are on The Hive. The first is from Moriah of Blu Mudd. I won 2 pendants of my choice. I picked one owl one, cause I'm crazy about owls and an initial one with  a J for me. ;0) She hand makes and kiln fires each one and there are many different styles to choose from.
I love the glaze on the owl one it's like root beer and vanilla ice cream and the owl graphic is so cool! The initial pendant is very simple and classic in a lovely aqua on a white background.

Please stop by her etsy shop and see more great pendants. Moriah is firing up new ones almost every day. She also makes art dolls so check out her other etsy shop too.
etsy shop (Blu Mudd)
etsy shop (MLBStudios)

The next giveaway is from Sherry. Her etsy shop is Sherry's Cabin and she's a wonderful artist. 
How awesome are these candy corn bowl fillers! Love these!
She also sculpted this lovely pumpkin ornie. I have a passion for disgruntled pumpkins with attitude!
 She's new to etsy so be sure and drop by to see what's new in her shop.

A special thanks to both lovely ladies! I was so happy to win!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello? Hello?! I'm Still Here!

It's been close to 3 weeks since I last posted. So much going on. We moved my step dad out of his apartment and put his stuff in storage. The building is under construction/remodeling and isn't safe for him to be there plus he can't be by himself yet and we think that's why he got sick in the first place.

Well my step dad has been here with us for 5 days now and he continues to improve. He's on oxygen as his lungs were badly damaged by the pneumonia and uses a walker to get around. We set up all his doctor appointments so I'll be packing a sewing bag and hopefully I"ll slowly be able to get some things done while sitting in doctor's offices.

The only thing I'm working on is my Hive Swap piece. It's coming along well and I'll be finished in time.

I'm trying to be a dutiful daughter but this running up and down stairs is either gonna kill me or I'll lose a few pounds!
A pic of Lita cause I can't do an all type post. ;0)


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