Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Rummage Sale Finds.

I am an admitted craft hoarder. Because I know this about myself I do not go to yard sales (love them but I'm too out of control). Every year in the Fall my mom's church has their annual rummage sale. I personally donate heavily to this as it's my chance to purge a lot of household stuff. I also use it as my once a year opportunity to get lots of craft stuff. The stuff I end up with is sometimes not to be believed, especially since I'm a out of the box thinker!
I didn't get all the great vintage fabric that I got in previous years but scored lots of trims and ribbons and more. Anyhoo I thought I'd share with you all my finds.
3 vintage baby dresses that I'll got for the lace. One is so precious I may not be able to cut it up.
Felt, trims, ribbons, mini real seashells, tulle, mini wooden blocks, some small print vintage fabric and tons more.
Awesome vintage wooden ornaments. These are perfect for my studio xmas tree.
Copper cookie cutters. These aren't for crafting but just because I have mini ones from my childhood and I fell in love with the witch and turkey but couldn't leave the rest behind, now could I? (see that's my inner hoarder talking)
I originally passed these up but my mom told me she knew I could do something with them and brought them home for me. Right now all I'm thinking about is zombies. Weird, I know.
I grabbed these beauties right away. Kind of thinking vampire/zombie mixed media dolls. Hmmm.....yep zombies on the brain.
This is another thing I originally passed up but the ladies at the rummage sale told my mom to give me this. If they only knew what evil things I'm thinking for it they might not have! Mhaw ha ha!


oldblackcatboo said...

LOL! You and I share the same hoarder problem! I always "see" what it COULD be. Unfortunately I just stick it somewhere and never actually do it!
Here's to YOU! I KNOW you will make something wonderful!
:D - Cindi

Jingle said...

OH. MY. Jealous! All those doll parts are just fabulous!!!! Wow! What amazing finds!!! And that doll face is just crazy cool!

Donna said...

SO understand the hoarding impulse - great effort in limiting the expression!
just found your blog this morning...will definitely be back!


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