Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainy Day and Monday In The Studio.

I finished a crazy amount of felt penguin ornaments over the weekend. I made a ton to be in stock and ready to ship and once they're gone that's it. I completed about 30 of them before I realized I forgot to sew the tags in them...UGH! Oh well, I ended up leaving them all tag less.
I already sold a set right after listing them! Yay!
Here's all 12 colors.
They are sold in sets of 3 and here 
is a new color combo for this year.
I bought out all the mini buttons I use for their eyes but I need more. I have a ton of white ones in the same size so I think I may try and dye them. Any suggestions on that would be most helpful.
In the process of cutting out some new holiday plush designs. Not sure how they will turn out yet so I'll hold off on showing them until I work the kinks out. Trying very hard to use what little time I have to myself to create.

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Jingle said...

They are so stinking adorable!


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