Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Vintage Easter Card Challenge Piece is Done

For some reason I am unable to get onto The Hive, so I hope this post will show up there and Patrick and everyone will know that I did make the deadline and am finished.

After 2 bodies, 2 sets of legs, 4 heads, 3 sets of ears and a complete re-design of his feet and legs Sir Cottontail is done!
My inspiration card on the left and my finished soft sculpture on the right.
Other side.

So of course after I took these photos and edited them I realized that his glasses had slipped out of place and should be lower on his nose. I'm so happy to be done that I just don't care right now and will re-shoot later!


Cynthia Myers said...

I know it might not have seemed like it while you were struggling with him but he's definitely well worth the effort!
Fantastic. :)

Finding Charm said...

He's great! Good luck with the challenge.

Jingle said...

He turned out absolutely fabulous! I love that umbrella!

DreamedByArlene said...

He's just perfect, Jen! The proportions are spot on, exact. Im very impressed with that..I have a hard time with proportions when doing details - the piece may look good on its own, but compare to the cards and you can see those issues. Your bunny has NONE of that..just love it. You should redo him for your Etsy shop.


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