Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Feature and a Treasury Too.

I'm feeling quite popular lately. My silly creations are being noticed and talked about. Makes me very happy.

On Monday of this week I was featured on a blog with some other really great Halloween items. Go to this blog cause you've all seen my Frank before but the items featured right above Frank are beautiful and amazing! If you love steampunk you will love them.

I put some of my last year's ornaments in the shop yesterday and someone was kind enough to put my Santa ornament in an early Holiday Treasury. Seriously there is some really good stuff in this treasury!

Sorry for the lack of Friday Finds this month. It's been a bit stressful here for me. My son moved across country and unfortunately  things haven't gone as well as he hoped so I've been distracted worrying about him. I hope to start up Friday Finds again in November. If you'd like to be featured please let me know.


MAB Jewelry said...

I hope things improve for your son.

Wendy Wright said...

Sassy I am so glad your work is getting recognized more. It is just awesome and you are very deserving of it. :). I wish the best for your son too. :)

Maminka Girl - Loribeth said...

Congratulations on being featured on Etsy! Your Halloween plushies are very cute. Good luck with your son... I have a son the same age and it is a difficult time for them... and very challenging for their mothers too!


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