Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is a great idea.

I recently added a little widget to my blog about supporting Green Living.  I thought this was an awesome idea so decided to share it with you. The widget is in the upper left corner. It has little tips about small things you can do to live Greener.

If you'd like to add this widget to your blog or even just check out the tips here is the link.

This is a subject I feel so strongly about. I always do my best to reduce, reuse and recycle all that I can. My dolls and plush are made from felt that's made from recycled water bottles. I use paper for my prints and stationery from mills that don't use chemicals harmful to the environment. I send my ink and toner cartridges back to the manufacturer for recycling. I make sure to purchase products with packaging that I can recycle. I use mostly green cleaners around the house and once a year I take old, broken electronics and batteries to the big recycling center. I'm committed to doing what I can for the planet as long as I'm here. Hope you enjoy the tips!


yoborobo said...

I am trying to do more to be green, too. It's important for everyone to take these little steps, because it all adds up! I use the recycled felt, and I use fabric from thrift stores whenever I can. There is a lot more I can do, though - so thank you for the reminder! :)) xox! Pam

MAB Jewelry said...

I love repurposing stuff into new shiny jewelry. This is a great idea, Sassy.

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm trying to be greener. I recycle and I try to reuse materials when I can for my creations. I paint on old wood and cabinet doors and I try to get my fabric from Goodwill. I love buying recycled or vintage rather than NEW. I'll make sure to check out all these tips, I'm still learning!
Thanks! - Cindi

Jingle said...

That is a great addition to your blog!


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