Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Worktable Wednesday

I have 2 different kinds of projects going on my worktable lately. First, I'm continuing with the Halloween dolls. Mummies, Skellies and Werepeople. These will be the last of this series.
Secondly, I've been working on new digital prints to add to my etsy shop. I spent so much time this Spring and Summer working on Plush and Dolls that I've really missed doing my little graphics.
What's on your worktable today?


Moriah said...

Loving the skelly dolls and the owl cards are awesome! I have a mermaid and a creepy doll on my work table today. Quite the combination, huh? lol

Jingle said...

You have some super cute stuff coming right along, huh?! I can't wait to see it all!

Wendy Wright said...

Yay! Love the skellies! Can't wait to see them done. :)


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