Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Crappy Week, My Swap Challenge Piece is Finished and What Going On In the Studio..

You may have noticed that I've been quiet for the last week. It's been a sucky one in many ways and I've been majorly lacking in motivation and kind of still am. The only thing I did was finish my swap piece.

I joined in at a swap challenge over at The Hive and they have already seen this finished but I wanted to share the finished picture with all my Blogger followers who have been watching the WIP.
Here is the card I choose for my inspiration.
She's one of the hardest pieces I've done to date. I'm glad I ended up having to redo her skirt cause it came out so much better the second time! Her face is partially needle sculpted and embroidered. Her tam hat has a handmade red pom on the top that you can't see in the photos. And also has white bloomers. She's completely sewn by hand including her clothing. She stands approx 24 inches tall including her hat and is the tallest doll I've made so far. I'm going to be sad to let her go. She's already been assigned a swap partner and I really hope this person likes and will enjoy her!

I have just started cutting out a new piece that will be perfect for Halloween and will share the WIP when I have them.

The mermaids are still naked. There are elves and fairies cut out and waiting to be sewn. Still working on my paper clay dolls but have run out of clay. ;0(

I did a freelance graphics job a few weeks back and am still waiting to be paid so until I am everything in the studio will be in various states of "unfinishedness".

Determined to send something to STUFFED Magazine this time around for real this time! Well now I'm just rambling so bye!


polka dot skies said...

She is so pretty! I hope your week gets better!

Jingle said...

She is amazing! Wow! You did an incredible job! I'm sorry you have had such a hard week! I hate it when that happens!

eileensideways said...

wow, that is amazing. i love her posture. it is fabulous. u are so so talented. i wouldn't have the patience for such detail.

eileensideways said...

wow she is incredible. her posture is amazing. you are so so talented. i wouldn't have the patience for such detail. the swap recipient will be pleased.

MAB Jewelry said...

She is amazing! I'm sorry you have the blues, but remember that everything you make is amazing. Your mermaids will be there when you get back to them. Hugs.

Moriah Betterly said...

She turned out fabulous! You really did an awesome job on her!

Mary Ann said...

She's wonderful. Beautiful work. Hope the rest of your week goes better:)

oldblackcatboo said...

Jennifer, she looks amazing! You did a great job on her. Well done.
I was kinda feeling the same way last week myself, but hang in I'm sure that things will brighten up!
Relax and cuddle with Lita.....
and I hope that check comes SOON! Some people don't realize how others might NEED it NOW. Grrrrr!
Anyway, I started drinking iced coffee! LOL! that seems to help!
XOXO - Cindi

Wendy Wright said...

Sassy she is soooo beautiful! :) Love her hair. :) You should for sure send your work to stuff. :) Your creations are wonderful. :)

blufamin said...

Laughed at your comment about sending something to STUFFED Magazine....I keep saying the same thing....but I have at least made some dolls...that's a start right. I am a trained artist/painting...but fibers and quilting were my first interests....I have always loved making dolls...and recently kept saying " I want to make some dolls, I want to make some one day I just who knows maybe next..we'll be on the pages of Stuffed together.


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