Monday, June 27, 2011

More WIP and Other Stuff.

So it's now the last week of June. How did that happen? I'm sitting here looking around feeling like so much is unfinished, that I'm so behind in the master plan I keep in my mind. Never mind that that plan is unrealistic and kind of crazy.

I looked back at my posts from this month and also closely at the projects that surround me and realize that I WAS pretty productive this month. much more than I thought! Not much is completed but once I finally get that check for that job I'll have quite a lot done all at once.

I've changed the way I've been working. I'm now making blanks of bodies in different styles that can be finished how I want when I get the chance instead of working on one or two dolls from start to finish. I'm hoping this will make me more productive and less overwhelmed when coming back from illness.
My WIP. One naked, headless torso, one limbless, naked torso and four faces in the beginning stages.
I'm a little scared to start these faces. The one for the swap came out so well I'm afraid I can't do as well again! Sigh!
I won a fun Doll Zine from Absolutely Small. If you don't know her she makes cute plush called Chickenpants. This zine is full of funky little patterns for funky little dolls. So much fun!
I asked for a French Press like eight years ago for Christmas. My mom gave me this the other day. Isn't it cute? I haven't used it yet as I'm not anywhere coordinated enough in the morning before I have coffee to make coffee in it! But I do like looking at it. ;0)


Moriah Betterly said...

Yay! A full work table of projects makes me smile! Glad to see you're creating again.

MAB Jewelry said...

All those little pieces waiting to turn into little people make me smile. And that coffee press is way cute.

oldblackcatboo said...

YOU have been so creative and accomplished so much! I wish I could just complete half of what you do!
I drink Instant Coffee because I barely have the energy to stir the spoon in the mornings!
XOXO - Cindi

yoborobo said...

I am cracking up at Cindi and stirring - hahaha! You are SO productive. There is only so much you can do in 24 hours (well, and eat and buy groceries, work, have friends and family...). I have only finished one little collage since school got out. My 'do list' is very disappointed in me. ;) xox Pam


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