Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sammy The Seahorse PDF Pattern Is Done!

The Seahorse Pattern Is Done!

It only took 2 months cause I added a whole set of videos to help explain certain processes that I felt the step by step photos just didn't do.

I plan on doing this from now on to help people who may be new to felt crafting achieve a good final result. And also to just explain things that are hard to show in photos.

This pattern is now live in my shop! Link at bottom of this post or in side bar.

Introducing Sammy The Seahorse Pattern!

The pattern is quite simple to make but the stitching requires some time and a little skill. I've made a template to follow which will help newer sewers along.

I've also added a bonus smaller Seahorse to the pattern. This is the size I did my prototype and lots of people loved this size so I added it to the pattern too.

 Here are the 2 sizes together.


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