Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cupcake Best Seller

This design is one of my best sellers. It's totally customizable. All the colors can be changed. It's available in birthday invitations and I have coordinating items available too.


Kati said...

Hey - your stuff is really cute! Thanks for the comment. Do you do all of the design work? It's fabulous. Your kids party invitations are my fave.

jencoe said...

A majority of the artwork is done by me and all of the layout work is mine. I just love doing designs for kids, they are the most fun. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. It makes all the late nights worth it when I hear that someone likes something I did.

Kati said...

Well, you do an awesome job! The colors, designs and fonts are all great!

jencoe said...

Thanks again for your kind words! I've done quite well on ebay and am getting ready to put up a website which will have all my own designs. I really love your site so many talented people and great items. I'll be a loyal reader. Thanks again!


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