Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Messy Studio

I envy and drool over lovely studios I see on Flickr. Soon I hope to post pretty, lovely pictures of my own studio. But that's not what you're going to see here today.

Behold the mess that is my studio!
(please be kind)

Several people have recently shown their office/studios and said how messy they were. Well I think I have them beat. Craziness reigns here! LOL! Oh everything's piled everywhere! Help! My cork squares keep falling off the wall!

I'm standing on the daybed shooting down so you can see what a mess my desk is. The desk is an old door on an old table base. My cutting station is to the right and is usually the cleanest spot in my studio.

My lovely shelves I recently put up. My stuffed Chihuahua collection is sitting there now and my wooden drawing man.

I have 2 file cabinets with storage and shipping boxes packed inbetween. My trusty laser printer shares space with piles of things. My poor one armed office chair. The right arm broke then fell off. Need to duck tape it on. Isn't that so sad! LOL!

My photo printer sits between the laser printer and my monitor. Usually there are things piled on it, oh yeah just like in this picture.

My main storage shelves. It really hard to get to things on the far right side.

My new shelves I just put up to get stuff off the floor. I have 2 more to hang still. The white boxes hold different size envelopes and ribbons etc for my packaging.
I need to organize!!!!!!


jenscloset said...

Oh my gosh-first..I admire you for admitting to this...2nd..I am sure I have you beat! My new years resolution is to beat the clutter~I am now willing to take pictures of my mess because you were brave enough! Thank you!

sassypackrat said...

Thanks! But you're going to have to prove your mess to me! Let me know when you have your pics up so we can compare!

Chelsea Ling said...

your office looks similar to mine! :) I get so busy creating that I don't have time to clean, or want to stop to clean. My studio may look pretty in photos, but thats only because I take photos only during bouts of cleanliness, lol..

Sharkeysday said...

It looks productive tho! Big grin!

Auntie Dis said...

Oh my! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has a huge mess! :) My goal for the new year was to get lasted for about 4 days. *sigh*

Nothinglikeit said...

I feel so much better knowing my work space looks like yours! I'm not alone in my messiness!!!!!!



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