Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In!

Here in Chicagoland we get huge snow storms about every 20 years and just plain snow every winter. 1967, 1979, 1999 have been the bad ones and we can now add 2011 to that list. Cause we are now in the grips of a huge snow storm. 2 inches (5cm) an hour has fallen since yesterday and it's STILL snowing!

As Mid-westerners we are hearty souls used to cold and snow just not quite this much snow!
View from my studio window.

Out the front door.

Out the front door to the un-plowed street. And yes
the snow is half way up my neighbors garage.

Window in the sunroom. Snow is that high.

Back yard.

 Back yard.

The funny thing is we would have more snow if the wind hadn't been so crazy last night blowing it everywhere. It's died down now so I think we'll really get some snow today. LOL!


Kudos Kitchen said...

Even through all the snow, your home looks really nice. Stay warm and cozy inside. You'd better get to sewing :)

Myko said...

Oh my! Looks too cold for me!:)

Saskia said...

I'm sending you a warm hug!!! Take care!!

Quernus Crafts said...

Wow, that is A LOT of snow! And do you know, I never realised you lived in Chicago?! I'm sure you say that somewhere, but I pretty much assumed that you lived in the UK!

Keep warm and toasty, with lots of hot chocolate :)

yoborobo said...

That is a crazy amount of snow! Yikes! Stay warm! xox Pam

Moriah said...

O.M.G! I would cry! I HATE snow and cold and these pictures are pretty close to my worst nightmare! My whole family is dealing with ice, snow and freezing temps in south west Ohio too. Stay warm!! I hope you thaw out soon!

Maybeads said...

It's crazy snow! Aren't the snow drifts ridiculous? Stay warm!!!

Kaerie Faerie said...

Wow, I saw the pictures but I had no idea it was beyond a Winter wonderland. Stay safe and warm, guess I won't tell you it is 80 down her in Florida, guess you know why I don't live in my beloved city anymore

Finding Charm said...

Hello fellow Blizzard survivor! Here in KC we got anywhere from a foot to 2 feet. But have huge drifts! When I went to work this morning I was about waist deep in a snow drift to walk out to the car. I laughed so hard I cried and tears froze since it was 10 below. I just love the snow! We already had lots of snow before this storm. Not sure where it's all gonna go! Stay safe.

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm feeling your pain....LITERALLY!
I could barely push open my front door and snow blew in the back!
I'm SO tired of it!
Stay safe!
XOXO - Cindi

MAB Jewelry said...

Egads, girl, this winter needs to be over. Now!

Margaret said...

Brings back memories. Used to live in Pullman district of Chicago. After one snow storm our irascible, cranky, reclusive neighbor totally astonished us by cleaning our sidewalk when he cleaned his. Several days later I had a chance to thank him. "Thank you for the snow job," I said, smiling, well aware that my choice of words could be taken in more than one way. "That's what my ex-wife said," he replied, smiling back in turn.

Wendy Wright said...

Holy much snow! Stay warm! It has been like summer in CA. I feel so spoiled! I would never survive in snow lol! :)


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