Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Etsy Shop Is Closed For A While.

I've decided to put my etsy shop on an extended vacation. Since I've started a new path into art dolls and stopped making plush for a while I don't have anything to put in the shop. I also have had a disturbing trend the last couple of months of people asking about creations, saying they intend to buy them, I list them and the person just disappears. I know this kind of thing can happen to everybody but my last 7 requests have been like this. It's made me very cautious and well just plain mad. It takes time, energy and money to list things. Maybe I'm crazy but I do expect people to have the manners to say that they have changed their mind about the purchase. I can respect that and have no problem with it. When nothing is said I feel like I'm being messed with, especially when it happens over and over again.

So all of that being said my etsy shop is closed until further notice. I'll probably open up again late Summer or early Fall.


Patience said...

Gosh I don't blame you for being frustrated. I'm sure such a thing is bound to happen to everybody from time to time -- but to have so many in a row like that would be very discouraging. Like you said, the uploading and listing process of items really is time consuming...!

Mary Ann said...

That is awful. Anyway you have lots to do at the moment I think:) I still haven't done anything with my Etsy shop...too sounds like lots of work. Maybe one day.

yoborobo said...

I can't wait to see your new dolls! I have been bitten by the doll bug, too. Now I just need some time. :)) xox

erikacreaciones said...

I love everything you do!
very creative!


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