Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday WIP

This is the wrap skirt I'm beading for a doll I'm making. I ran out of beads and major arthritis pain and insomnia stopped me from working on this last week. Then this weekend I dealt with a broken dryer, my ever clogged kitchen sink, a mutant giant ant invasion and a flat tire no one could get off the car. Everything is resolved except the ants and the dryer, we are waiting for a part to be ordered but at least it has a warranty unlike my kitchen drains. I've been a big crabby pants to say the least.
I've really got to get working on this doll. The white paper are patterns I made for checking the sizing of the beaded pattern before I start beading. The beading is taking longer than I thought. I should have known it would cause I'm such a perfectionist. At least the moccasins are done. After this skirt there is an over tunic dress and beaded collar to do. I gave myself till the end of June and I still think I can make it if I don't have anymore distractions. Speaking of which my nephew's will be here this weekend so I probably won't get too much done. That 3 year old is a handful! His mother refers to him as the Tasmanian Devil and she's not exaggerating!

I am still struggling with what direction to take my art in and what I want to do but for now I'm happy doing this doll.

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Cynthia Myers said...

I hear ya.
I wish Life would stop with the Lemons.
I'm not that big of a fan of Lemonade.
Glad most of the problems have been resolved.
Whatever you create, it's always Wonderful.
XOXOXO - Cindi


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