Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Finished Project I Can Now Share.

 My blog has been pretty quiet for a while. I haven't had much to show. I had been working on a doll for a couple of months for a dear friend. It was for a doll swap. The swap was for a Fall/Autumn themed doll, whatever Fall means to you. It took a while to complete and I didn't want to show it until she received it but now I can share. Part of the reason it took so long was I designed a completely new pattern for the doll. I also spent tons of time on the accessories to make everything just right. My swap partner Moriah Betterly is such a great friend and has been so supportive of my work. We actually met in an online swap years ago. So it's like we came full circle. She loves the doll and I'm so pleased.
 I borrowed photos that Moriah Betterly, my swap partner, took cause they are so much better than mine.
 I made the doll a little prim doll to carry.
 Messenger bag with appliqued fall leaves.
 Little matching capelet with appliqued fall leaves.

Also a matching Tam hat.
 Especially for Moriah I made a little ADQ magazine that had pages of her dolls that have been published there and tucked it inside the dolls' messenger bag.
 Here's the dress she is wearing under the capelet.
And a close up of the boots. I modeled these after my daughter's Uggs.

Now that Christmas is over I feel the need to get back to work so will hopefully will have more to show soon!


Saskia said...

Great work, so unique!!

Greetings, Saskia :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh my! that had to have taken hours and hours and hours! She is so detailed and all her accessories too! Wow!
Moriah must be a very good friend.
She's definitely a lucky one!

yoborobo said...

That doll is so sweet! I love all the little leaves you stitched on, and the tiny ADQ. Moriah must have jumped up and down for joy when she saw this. :)) Happy New Year! xox

Doodles said...

Love this doll you made for your swap. As usual so full of sweet little details that make your dolls especially delightful. So fortunate to have one of your dolls from a HIVE swap. :-)

Finding Charm said...

What a wonderful story! You can so see all the time and work you put into her. All the details! Love all the applique work and love the hair!

Lisa said...

Love the details!

MLBetterly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my doll! Thanks so much! I'm working on your as I type this. :) Ruffles, lots and lots of ruffles. That's the only hint I'm giving you. :)


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