Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Basic Doll Design Done.

I've been working on a small felt doll that I'd sell as a PDF pattern in my etsy shop. Something simple and cute. I've spent some time watching 2 other designers doing this and just love their dolls. They each do their PDFs so well and the finished dolls are so cute that I'm not sure I can even compete but well I'm going to give it a try.

Here's the idea I've worked out so far.
I still need to work out clothes for her. But what do you all think? Is she worth putting out there?

I re-designed an old plush doll pattern that I was excited about a few years back but didn't get much response from so sort of gave up and moved on to other things. Here's what the Original design was. Cute little Kawaii plush doll. I called them "Snarky Girl Dolls"TM and they were based on my then teenage daughter. I still love these little dolls with serious attitude and may revisit this design again one day.
 Here's a larger version of that same design.

I've re-worked her to have moveable arms and legs that sit and a more happy doll face.
Here she is in comparison to my other new doll design that won't be a PDF pattern.

I'd love the hear what you think abut this doll so please do comment.


Connie Turner said...

I like your sweet felt doll and I think she is just different enough to be intriguing to people.

sassypackrat said...

Thank you Connie!


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