Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Condo Work In Progress

We had to move into our condo very quickly after closing. My brother is renting our previous house from us, his girlfriend and her daughters were moving in with him and her lease was up Nov 1st. So we didn't have time to paint the bedrooms like we hoped to do. They are white like you'd find in an apartment but the living, dining hallway and kitchen were all painted...weird.

We got the condo for a really good price since it's a buyers market here. And because of that we were able to do some upgrades right a away which honestly this place needed. The first thing we did was change out all the kitchen appliances which basically were from the 1980's and some didn't even work.
 It was touch and go finding a fridge we wanted that would fit in this space but in the end we got one.
It took weeks to find and order a range fan that wasn't attached to a microwave. We didn't want to have the microwave above the stove because me mom's hands are very weak and it's too dangerous for her to try and lift things from that height.

We decided to paint the cabinets. They are good solid wood and the work flow was great. We used a product by Rustoleum just for cabinets. It wasn't hard to do but it was very time consuming. It took my daughter and me about 2 weeks total to do them from start to finish. We had to pry all the hardware off and fill in all the holes before we even started. It got too cold to do the doors in the garage like I originally planned so there were doors everywhere.
Next post I'll show our new countertops.

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