Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Worktable Wednesday: FREE Earth Day Plant Marker Printable

I love our Earth and the environment and since Earth Day was coming up I thought I'd make something special to give you, that you could share with your child or friends and pass along the importance of taking care of our plant. 

Everyone can do one small thing and growing your own vegetables is a super fun learning experience for your children. Reusing empty yogurt containers is a great way to start seedlings. 
 I made some FREE printable plant markers to help make identifying your seedlings easy and fun.

 So cute, right?! Keep reading along for the tutorial put these together and other ideas.

O.k, you'll need:

Glue gun - I recommend a low temp one so no one burns themselves. (like me, always!)
  (other glue can be used but there will be a drying time to factor in).


Popsicle sticks or craft sticks. (I melted some old Popsicle's from the freezer just for these sticks, cause that's just how much I love you guys and cause I'm thrifty that way!)  

PDF page

Download and Print PDF out on card stock, I used 65# stock. (you could also print on paper and then glue that to a piece of cardboard if you don't have card stock) Then cut the plant markers out. 
 The PDF gives you 2 of each design.

 O.k. cause I'm slightly obsessive, I want the sticks to line up evenly on the marker so I measured 1-1/4" from the bottom of the marker up with a light pencil line, so I know where to place the stick.

 Then make the same measure with a pencil on the sticks. This mark tells you where to stop the glue, so you don't go overboard with the glue and get it everywhere.

 And ta da! Glued on and ready to use.

Get some yogurt cups out of the recycling bin, add some dirt, plant your purchased seeds and you are all set for the miracle of plant growth!

 Wait! Don't go! There's more!

So, because I'm a giving person I figured out another crafty way to use these plant markers. They would make super cute seed packets!
Print another PDF and cut the markers out. Tape the like sides together (tomato to tomato, etc) at 3 sides.

 This creates a sweet little pocket.

 Pop some seeds inside. (yeah, these are actually sesame seeds, again using what I have)

 Lastly tape up that 3rd side to seal those seeds in there.

 What a cute little gift for your child's teacher, or grandparent, or if you are a teacher, for your students.

Please do share this printable with everyone and enjoy! If you make these please tag me on Facebook or Instagram I'd really love to see your completed project!

On a last side note, for more Earth Day fun, I have a DIY Happy Earth Guy PDIY Happy Earth Guy Plush PDF  in my shop.

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