Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pay It Forward People!

A favorite blogger and twitter friend, Shauna from Lemon Drop Studio had a Pay It Forward challenge on her blog about a month ago. I was one of several lucky recipients of some Lovely Lemon Drop items. And I've been charged with Paying It Forward.

So here I am FINALLY doing it. (Illness has kept me from being more prompt on this and I apologize to Shauna for my lateness and hope she will forgive me!)

Basically as I understand it the whole thing works like this: you announce your challenge and specifics, interested people comment on your blog, you pick however many people you specified as your winners, those people then set up a challenge on their blog and the goodness is spread throughout the land!

Attention: This is not a comment and win thing. If you win, you have to Pay It Forward! It's not about winning free stuff it's about spreading joy. If you are not a crafty person, that's fine you can bake something, pass along some great books, send something great you don't use but someone else will love, etc.

O.k. so here's how I'm doing mine. I design personalized stationery, sticker, labels etc. My ebay store is closed right now so you won't be able to see the kinds of things I do so I thought I'd just at least give you a heads up on what you might get.

1. The first 3 people to comment are winners and if there are more than 3 I'll pick a 4th winner randomly out of the rest of the comments. Also if there is a really large amount of comments (kind of doubt that but well you never know) I'll pick a 5th person. So tell your friends and spread the word!

2. Once you win please post a Pay It Forward on your blog and let me know your link so I know you are being a wonderful person and then I'll mail your sassy stationery stuff to you. (Don't be all crazy, guilty and late like me!)

3. I'll announce the winners next Monday May 4th so everyone has time to comment. Enjoy!


Moriah Betterly said...

I'm in! I'm all about spreading some joy!! Thanks for doing this!

Jen said...

Me too! Great way of getting people involved.


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