Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twitter Friend Finds.

As Christmas fast approaches like a speeding freight train I thought I'd share some favorite items from my twitter friends who are also etsy sellers. I hope you enjoy my picks and will check out these awesome lovelies!
from @coloradocatnip
ColoradoCatnipToys on etsy
I want one for my Lita!
BadCatJewelry on etsy
So Yummy and Lovely!
Lizziboo on etsy
So cute!
FindingCharm on etsy
Love these!
MayBeads on etsy
She had me at Chihuahua!
ArtTales on etsy
I have one, you will love it!
mykobocek on etsy
Adore this!
HandmadeBySandi on etsy
Seriously need this now!
CloverMeadow on etsy
These are so great!
iLaura on etsy
So lovely and sweet!
HelloHeath on etsy
busylittleelf on etsy
So sweet and special!
JensCloset on etsy
Perfect for my collection!
earthtogirl on etsy
Penguins! Love her style!


Angelina Fong Designs said...

Thanks for sharing! Everything is so cute and festive!

MAB Jewelry said...

What great stuff! Franklin wants that bed in the worst way.

Jingle said...

These are great finds! The vintage owls and the Mini Monster Plush are my faves!

hpru said...

Thanks for including my little reindeer ornament here too! Great items! Have a wonderful Christmas season!

oldblackcatboo said...

love them all...I wish I could get the kitty bed(s)!
and the cowl for myself!

Pattee said...

What a great blog post!
Thanks for sharing!!!!! All those Etsy shops are GREAT!
Pattee : )

Anonymous said...


You always come up with the greatest finds, and wasn't I surprised to find my cowl among them! Thanks so much...

Finding Charm said...

I was scrolling through and thought, oh I love that bracelet and then I see my earrings that caught me by surprise! I was like, oh, those are cute, oh wait, I made those, haha. What a fun post and to see new artists! Thank you!!!

May :: Earth to Girl said...

Love the festive items you've included here! Thanks for featuring my Penguin Holiday Cards!

lake breeze said...

Love the little snow girl and the penguin cards!


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