Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Very Tiny Sneak Peek.

I've been steadily working on new plush designs specifically for STUFFED magazine. They are different from what you've seen me do before. I can't really show what I'm doing. It's partially a jinx thing and partially cause I want their debut to be in STUFFED. Of course if they aren't accepted (I might cry but I'll get over it) then I'd show them. I've given myself a deadline of next weekend to have them finished and ready to ship.

One of my twitter friends, Joni has been asking to see something on these new plush so here's a sneak peek. Well I did say peek, didn't I?
So far I have one almost done (he needs clothes) One 3/4ths done, one not even a 1/4 done and the last one is only a body with no details at all. So you can see I have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

In case you are interested, the bodies are a pattern of my own making, obviously. The clothes and details of all my plush and dolls are freehand and I usually make them up as I go along which is time consuming. I change my mind a lot and usually end up with something completely different than I intended when I first started.

Here's a small hint. I was working on my custom stationery business doing an invitation and favor stickers in a Princess and Pirate theme and had a "light bulb" moment for these plush. And that's all I'm saying.


MAB Jewelry said...

What are they? Barnacles! They're barnacles! I want to see!

Kaerie Faerie said...

YAY stuffed magazine, can't wait to see

Sarah Takens said...

I just found your blog by hitting 'next blog'! I'm now a follower - would love it if you took a peak at mine!

ImagiMeri said...


I just started to follow you, and I think your work is amazing. Come on over and visit me as I love vintage toys, too!


Herminia Regolf said...

I really like surprises!

Cherie's Sewing Corner said...

I just discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Wendy Wright said...

Oh the will be awesome! Can't wait!


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