Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anatomy of a Doll - Part 3

Well on to Part 3 of this series. I believe we were left with a limbless torso on Tuesday? In a Zombie world that would be great fun but not what I'm going for so here she is with limbs pinned on and naked. 
 If you are a long time follower then you know I tend to have naked dolls laying around at various times. I actually have about 10 right now. Not sure why I do that and the dolls certainly don't like it. Maybe it forces me to finally do clothes? Anyway when the limbs are on they will be button jointed so she can be posed somewhat and also sit.

UPDATE: I added links to the bottom of this post so you can follow along from start to finish. 

On to clothes. I had an idea in my mind based on my limited knowledge of how clothes are constructed and knowing where my strengths lay. A wonderful doll maker friend suggested that I use paper towels to fit the clothes and I've been doing that ever since. Saves messing up a lot of fabric!

Here I have the basic dress idea pinned together. Yes she is still armless. I find it easier to move the doll around without the arms on. They will be added last.

I dug thru my fabric stash and found this great green fabric but only had a fat quarter of it so couldn't do the wider skirt I originally had in mind but I like this one.
I was going to sew this on the machine but my hate/hate relationship with it came to a head and I almost through it out the window! So after I calmed down I hand-sewed the darn thing. I even put a lining in the skirt. So proud of myself!
Then I started on the top of the dress. Sometime after Midnight one night I decided to embroider it. I love embroidery but I don't really do embroidery. So this was just another new thing I pushed myself to do and I really like how it came out.

So now she's dressed and you've all caught up to me in real time. I need to do her hair and attach her arms and make a cloak for her cause well....Elves need cloaks. Yep she's an Elf and I couldn't be more pleased. Part 4 will continue next week and will be the final post on this doll. Thanks for sticking around and reading my ramblings.

You can find PART 1 HERE, PART 2 HERE and PART 4 HERE.


MAB Jewelry said...

You are so magical. Wow. How cool to see your process.

yoborobo said...

I sew a lot by hand, too. I think it's because my sewing machine hates me - lol!! Your doll is fabulous, and she is a very well-dressed elf girl. :) Love seeing your step-by-steps! xo Pam

Wendy Wright said...

So cool! :) Thanks for sharing your process. Really beautiful job on the embroidery! :)

BumbleVee said...

Your embroidery is great....and I hear ya on the machine sewing. Sure wish I had learned to sew as a kid...but, I got kicked out of sewing class....sigh....

I do a lot of hand stitching and.... also.... all the glue companies love me.

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm trying to catch up with all your posts that I've missed and you just blow me away! WOW!
You do such BEAUTIFUL work!
XOXO - Cindi

Finding Charm said...

Love the embroidery. My first thought was an Irish fairy. Can't wait to see what you do with hair.

ittybittyandpretty said...

hello my little sweet pea...sorry i hadnt followed you, i actually thought i was...
lovely work on the doll


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