Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Lot Going On.

There is so much going on family-wise that I have to slow down, prioritize certain projects and stop working on some other things altogether. Other things are taking up my time and energy. I can't keep running on full steam so sadly I have to scrap the majority of my plans and projects. There won't be much to see here on my blog for a while.

Basically this is the reason. My step dad is out of the ICU. He'll be going to a rehab facility in a few days and then home here with us until we can find him another senior living housing. His building is going through a 2 year renovation and we think that's why he got so ill. He's scared to go back and we don't want him to. So we are packing up his apartment and putting everything into storage for him and working on finding a safer & healthier place for him to live.

I'm so grateful for my mom. She's handling the majority of the details and I'm doing the secondary ones. Although they have been divorced for over 30 years they are the best of friends. He's really leaning on her to handle his affairs cause my brother is hopeless at those type of things and after the initial medical decisions he had to make he's now faded into the background. I'm a bit pissed about that cause hello it's HIS father!

Anyway here's the rest of my studio from my clean up and organize.
My computer desk area and to the right is my shipping 
storage. Going to have my brother install shelves 
on this wall for more storage.
My supply storage. It blocks the window but works for me.

It's difficult to sit and create with all this swirling around me. So be patient with me and I'll have things to show eventually. Oh and here's a photo of Lita just cause I haven't shown her in a while.


Amg-Arts said...

Lita sure is a cutie! :)

oldblackcatboo said...

I wish you luck with all that you are dealing with. Wow, you are taking care of everyone! Please take time to take care of yourself too!
Even if you don't have projects to show, please let us all know how you are doing! and I personally LOVE seeing Lita and your kitty!
Take care, Cindi

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

OMGOSH! I have to first say how precious Lita is!!! Is she a long hair chihuahua?

I think you are wonderful to care for your step-dad like you are and what a great example of a person your mom is as well.
Referring to your brother, I guess some people just cant handle that type of responsibility or emotion??
It is sad though...

Love your studio!!! you inspire me to get mine's real

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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