Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday in Sasyland.

Well I'm up and about trying to finish current projects and itching to start new ones too. It's amazing what a pain free day will do for my productivity. I thought I'd show some things going on in the studio.

 Here's a pile of felt that I'm using for my current projects. There is some fabric tucked in there too somewhere.

Here are two little ugglies (at least I'm calling them that until they are painted) on my clay table.

This is a paper clay ornament I did for Art Doll Artists Halloween Ornament Swap. He was fun to make and I can't wait to get my swap partners ornament. Can you tell I have a Frankenstein thing going on here lately?

I have a couple more of this style ornament waiting in the wings for clay.

The sweet little pumpkin girl is a WIP for Patrick Gill's Vintage Halloween Challenge and Swap at Every Witch Way Lane on Facebook. This is the 4th challenge I've done with this amazing group of artists. I use these challenges to push myself out of my comfort zone and really force myself to do things I never thought that I could.

This owl goes with the above piece. There is a black cat that goes with too that I'm working on today.

My next project is for ADAs Silent Film Star Challenge. Of course it's completely in my head but not even started yet. It's due on the 30th of this month but since I'm hosting it I'll probably end up pushing the deadline back a little bit.

 I love researching the fun and unusual and I found a great star that I never head of for my piece. She's Anna May Wong and was the first Chinese American Silent Film Star and was considered a female fashion icon of the era. Isn't she beautiful?
2 photos of the same dress. Of course I choose to do this crazy and difficult dragon dress.

I found this dress on Pinterest and OMG it's the same dress!!!!!!!!!!!! I have hundreds and hundreds of tiny rhinestones to glue on for the dragon design. I know I'm nuts. But once I get an idea into my head it has to be made no matter what.

Then after that project I have to do my wonderland project which I'm not having high hopes for anymore. So what are you all working on?


Mary Ann said...

I love the pumpkin girl. Very cute:) I have heard of Anna May Wong but then I'm an old lady...LOL If you manage to make that dragon dress it will be awesome. I'm still working on my pumpkin doll for CDA. I should finish it tonight hopefully.

Cynthia Myers said...

OMG! My head hurts just thinking about all that you have accomplished! Love it all and looking forward to seeing what's next!
:D - Cindi


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