Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Worktable

I'm going to be pretty random today. More progress to show on the dolls from the previous Wednesday post.

Here's one in the works. Part of a series I'm doing. I'm not going top say what they are yet. I have a quandary though. One of the characters is usually made human like since a human played him in a movie. But in the original story he was an large animal that the other characters could ride on. I'm unsure at this point what I may do.

Binks popped into the studio for a head scratching session.

Lita is knocked out under blankets as usual.

I made a little Valentine Plush for my daughter. It's fleece with felt accents. Can I say sewing with fleece is kind of a slippery slidy nightmare?! I much prefer felt.

Well that's all right now. I'm in a holding pattern waiting for ordered supplies to arrive.

1 comment:

Jingle said...

That bunny is ADORABLE!!! As for the WIP flat doll... that looks like Lady Cassandra... just sayin'. LOL!


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