Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Going On Wednesday.

Changed it up just a bit today.  I have some wips and a finished piece to show. In my Art Doll Artists Group we had a Valentine's ornament swap. I just posted all the photos on the groups FB page so I can now show the one I did. We had a small but awesome group and everyone did something original and fun.

Let me say first I'm not a clay and paint person, I'd like to be but well I try and it's usually fairly successful but they are mine so I have to love them I guess.
I am not a Valentine person. I like the chocolate but nothing else really about the day. But I decided not to be grumpy about it and I did a cute little Lovebug.

I hope the recipient will like him at least a little. Maybe I'll send some chocolate to sweeten the deal. ;0)

I cleared off a section of my table to shoot the ornies on this tree. The other half of the table is now a piled up mess.

My mom won a giveaway at church for the people who attended the movie nights and since I'm really the LOTR fan she gave them to me. They are PEZ dispensers! O.k. yeah I'm a nerd.

While watching 2 really boring hockey games over the weekend I was able to wind all of this thread. Still need to get a nice case for it but it looks pretty like this too.

3 new dolls in the works. And can I tell you this tip? NEVER use the blue fabric marking pen on felt! It's supposed to wash off, it does and then reappears over and over again till you want to scream.


Cynthia Myers said...

He's a funny bug.
I agree...
I only like the chocolate part.

Mary Ann said...

I want those Pez dispensers! LOL

One thing about working with felt is how to put markings for features...I've used those blue pens too...not very successfully.

Love the Love bug:)


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