Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Making Changes... this blog. I really want to make this blog a big part of my social media family, engage with people and hopefully provide interesting content. So that being said I'll be making changes on this little blog.

Some of the ideas I have are to bring back my Friday Favorites. I really enjoyed showcasing wonderful things I found out in the world. 

Another idea is Artist Profiles. This will be difficult for me as I'm an extremely shy introvert but I think pushing myself to do this will be beneficial. I'm going to start with artist friends and work from there.

I'm also going to breakdown my doll making experience. I'm starting on a new doll making journey and a complete change to my business that other makers, beginning makers and/or customers and others might enjoy seeing the whole process. So I'm really going to over share about my doubts, insecurities, issues, pattern problems, forays into positioning my brand on social media etc, branding my work and what that means. And if no one reads it but me then I have a written history of this process which is valuable to me in it's own right. Stay tuned!

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Mary Ann said...

Sounds good:) The way I look at blogging is that it's a "living" diary/log of sorts of what I'm doing. I'd like to think that someone reads my posts but if not that's all good too.


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