Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Very Last Creative Piece of 2015.

The very last piece I'm doing this year is a present for my daughter's boyfriend. It's also a sample piece for a new custom I'll be offering in 2016.

It's a felt art piece that can be framed. I'm pretty excited about this and hope you all enjoying seeing it too.
 Here I'm working out the details.

Here is the super simple drawing I did and worked off of.

 I chose a background color and pinned the shapes down and started sewing.

 The main body is done and now I need to add the details.

 It's an applique kind of sewing process. I layer the shapes on top of each other and it gives the piece dimension.

 Looks good but it's still too flat looking. Now I'm ready to add what I call embroidery but is really just stitching that adds character and some details to the head.

 I've started the stitching. It's a little hard to see in this pic. I'll take a better one later. He needs the rest of his details and and banner with his name embroidered on, and that is really embroidery.

Stay tuned for the next post to see the finished piece. PART 2 can be found here.


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