Monday, January 18, 2016

Working on Launching Collections

I've been taking some online creative business classes to learn more about marketing to social media.

Back in the day, 10 years ago, when I ran 2 businesses, one being an online stationery store, things were done differently than today. Now that I'm physically able to run a business again, I need to learn how it's done currently.

One lesson that I surprisingly already knew and used to do, but for some reason haven't really done recently is to Launch Collections. In my stationary days I did that all the time! Why I didn't transfer that to what I do now? I just don't know!

Well what this means is basically instead of making one thing and putting it in my shop, I'll be making a collection of things and offering those all together about every 3 to 4 months.

This gives my fans something to look forward to and eases the stress on me of having something, anything done. I'll keep me focused on task. Plus I hope this will enable me to take on more custom and commissioned work in the future.

So I'm announcing my first launch date. March 2, 2016. I'll be making bunnies for Easter/Spring.

I'll show wips of what I'm working on but not completed things until right before the launch. 

A couple of small bunny ornaments.

Sewing tiny noses.

 Little bunny smiles.

I need to still make the eggs for these guys.

Bunny doll.

 Designing ears.

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