Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Worktable Wednesday: FREE Mother's Day Felt Flower Pin Pattern and Tutorial

I've been so busy working on my for sale patterns lately that Mother's Day came up so fast.

So I dropped everything and worked on a quick felt pattern for you to make for the wonderful mom in your life. This is a cute pattern for kids to make too.

I made my flower with 4 colors of felt but you can use 2 colors if that's what you have. I chose pinks and purples cause those are my mom's favorite colors.

You'll need:

Felt - at least 2 colors.


Embroidery Thread - in colors that closely match your felt.

PDF Template

1-1/2" Pin Back

Button - large button in a coordinating color. The button I used was 2cm.

Optional: Hot Glue Gun and Felt Glue

Download and print template. Cut template pieces out.

 Gather all your supplies. Pin paper patterns on your felt colors and cut out flower shapes.

 Sew pin back onto the back of one of the bottom petal pieces. You could hot glue this too if you want to save time. You could also glue a hair clip on instead and make this a cute child's hair accessory.

 Set this piece aside until the rest of the flower is sewn.

 Applique stitch the larger petal overlay piece to the top of the 2nd bottom petal piece. (Not the one you sewed the pin back to) You could glue this down using felt glue.

Sew the smaller petal overlay piece to the top of the top flower piece using an applique stitch just like the bottom piece.

At this point I decided to add some simple embroidery back stitching to the petals. I thought the stitching added texture to the petals. You could leave the petals as is and move on the attaching the top back and the button. It's your project so have fun!

I added stitching to both the petal overlays in the darker colors of the bigger flower pieces (dark pink and purple).

Line up the 2 top flower pieces (shown here in dark pink) and blanket stitch together.

Overlap the top flower piece (pink) and the top bottom flower piece (purple) and sew on the button through all 5 layers (but not the piece with the pin back).

I changed my button at the last minute to this one. 

Flip the flower over and line up the bottom piece with the pin back to the other bottom piece (purple)

Blanket stitch the 2 bottom (purple to purple) pieces together.

And you are done! Great job! If you make this project I'd love to see how yours came out. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

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