Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Worktable Wednesday: Making an Accessory Pattern Set

If you've read the post about making a PDF pattern HERE, then you already know I'm in the process of making a Penguin plush pattern. Actually that pattern is complete and just waiting while I finish the add on pattern set I decided to do.

I made prototypes of everything and then set them aside for a few days so I could let the excited feeling fade and then I could look at them again with fresh, rational eyes. (I tend to get super, over excited about things and miss mistakes and details so waiting a few days helps me see those things that I missed the first time around get ideas for changes)

 I had an idea for glasses, yup glasses on a Penguin! See excitement, right? And I was sure I loved the design, but after a few days I realized:

  • I didn't like the shape of the glasses, too superhero-ish.
  • I wasn't thrilled with the design of the satchel, yeah there's a satchel too, squee!
  • The small fish inside the satchel was too long and not detailed enough for my liking.
    (yes the Penguin is carrying a satchel with a fish!), See I'm getting excited all over
  • Going back and forth on whether I'm completely satisfied with the hat yet.

    Pattern making is a longer process than you might think.
    My plan for the day was to figure out changes to the design and make new prototypes.
    But my DNA results from came in and I've spent literally all day going over it and adding people to my family tree. Can you tell I'm easily distracted?
    So all my plans for today will be shifted until tomorrow. 

    If you found this post about pattern making interesting, check out this more in depth post on how I make patterns!


Bettina Groh said...

actually I like your glasses, satchel and fish!!!
I have been doing some family tree stuff German grandmother's side " people" have added and added to the family tree back to my 14th great grandmother ! But can't find anything on my father's side... hence my question. Did match you up with anybody based on your DNA?

sassypackrat said...

I answered Bettina's questions via email.

But in case anyone is really interested, my DNA matched up with a lot of people who I share great grandparents with and also a first cousin. SO worth doing and very interesting.


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