Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Finds: 6 Of The Best Whimsical Tea Related Items You Will Adore

Today is the 358th Anniversary of Tea in England. Personally I'm a coffee drinker but my mom loves tea and my brother is some kind of tea connoisseur so I thought this was the perfect post to honor their love of tea.


I went around and found the cutest tea related things to share with you today! 





Happy squishy tea bag plush! Adorable for home decor, perhaps a couch pillow of a tea loving friend or family member. Such happy kawaii faces!


Little Dear

Adorable felt pattern for making your own felt tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It could be a pin cushion or a desk decoration or a play food for your child's mini play kitchen. Look at that charming little lemon slice and dollop of whipped cream!



Whimsical child's hand painted tea set. This delightful set would make for hours of imaginary play. I'm in love with the fun bright colors and that it can be personalized too. Every boy and girl should have a tea set. I actually learned table manners by playing with mine as a child. My brother served tea to his trucks, action figures and plush toys.

Crafty Cornish Maids

This is a Hedgehog tea cosy!!!! Such a darling idea and great for keeping your tea pot hot. Great idea and cosies come in all shapes and sizes and characters. Makes me want to get a tea pot and a cosy just because it's so darn precious! The cuteness factor is about 100 here. Now I wish I drank tea!

A2D Creations 

 Cute song lyric tea towels, I thought they were so funny! In the US we have dish towels which are absorbent printed towels. I'm sure the use is basically the same but tea towels are just more fun and seem to be more pieces of art. My Australian cousin sent me a tea towel for xmas and it's too beautiful to use, I'm going to frame it and hang it on the wall.

 Alison Appleton Studio

Wow a rubber ducky tea infuser! Such a darling little thing! My experience with tea infusers is that weird clampy spoon with holes in it or the metal acorn looking thing. Tea bags are huge here in the US so you don't see many tea infusers unless you are a connoisseur of fine teas or maybe a Hipster. This cutie floats around in your cup steeping your tea and looking like it's in a tub, so stinking cute!

Here's a bonus Free Tea related find.

 Sew Kidding 

 Sew Kidding's link will take you to her FREE printable tea themed Wall Art and note cards. She's a favorite of mine and her printables are so fabulously cute!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll be doing these once a month now since I have so many other amazing felt things to share with you! 

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